Topshe Siddhartha Chatterjee to noted theatre personality Sohini Sengupta praises the initiative of Bangla Theatre in Dubai

✍️By Special Correspondent

Third Eye Theatre was back with its latest production, “Choloman Oshoriri” – a gripping play that delves deep into the human psyche, unraveling the sinister allure of materialism.

Directed by Shubho Banerjee, a stalwart of Dubai’s Bengali theatre scene and starring Jitaditya Roy as Dr.Mriganko Nandi and Dibyo Basu as Ashim- the ghost ,along with several well known actors of Dubai theatre space , this play takes you on a journey where the people you thought you knew so well succumb to temptation in the most unexpected ways.

“Choloman Oshoriri” forces you to reflect on the moral maze of material attachment. It’s a soul-searching experience that uncovers the dark truths about greed and how the relentless pursuit of wealth can lead us astray from our humanity.

Special mention to the two lead actors in the character of Dr.Mriganko and Ashim , who have portrayed the journey of their relentless friendship with such ease and charisma . It made their interactions feel so fresh and natural on stage. The metaphoric transformation of relationships was enacted very well by all the actors.

“Choloman Oshoriri.” Will remain in the memories of the audience for times to come for its exceptional delivery.

It was staged at Zabeel Ladies Club auditorium, Dubai recently. Sohini Sengupta said, “I wish the initiative all the best.” Siddhartha Chatterjee said, ” I wish that one day they would come to Kolkata to showcase Choloman Oshoriri for our audience too.”

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