First Private Hospital in India to successfully complete CAR T Cell Therapy

  • Now introduces ‘Made in India’, CAR T cell program

✍️By Special Correspondent

In a ground-breaking development, Apollo Cancer Centres (ACCs) has emerged as the first private hospital group in India to have uccessfully complete CAR-T cell program and to further augment it, the group will now provide access to ‘Made in India’ CAR-T cell therapy, beginning with NexCAR19™ (Actalycabtagene autoleucel), for the treatment of B-cell lymphomas and B-acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in patients aged 15 years and above.

CAR-T cell therapies, often known as ‘living drugs’ involve the extraction of a patient’s T-cells (a type of white blood cells whose function is to fight cancer cells) through a process known as Apheresis. These T-cells are then genetically modified by a safe vehicle (viral vector) in a controlled laboratory setting, so that they express modified connectors on their surface called Chimeric Antigen Receptors (CARs). These CARs are specifically designed to recognize a protein which is abnormally expressed on certain cancer cells. They are then multiplied to a desired dose, and infused directly in to the patient.
CAR-T cell therapies have gained global recognition for their unparalleled success in transforming the lives of patients with challenging B-cell malignancies. Having treated over 25,000 patients worldwide, have benefited from this therapeutic model.

Dr. Anupam Chakrapani, Senior Consultant – Haematology & BMT Specialist, ACC, Kolkata, said, “The successful treatment of three patients using CAR-T Cell therapy at the commercial level, represents a significant leap forward in our fight against B-cell lymphomas and acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. These cases highlight the efficacy and potential of this transformative therapy in providing new hope for patients facing these challenging conditions.”

Sharing insights into the success of the program, he further added, “Having successfully treated patients with imported drugs, we are now poised to treat them with the indigenously built therapy.”

Dr. Rajat Bhattacharyya, Senior Consultant – Pediatric Haematology, ACC, Kolkata, said, “The successful implementation of CAR-T Cell therapy represents a pivotal moment in the advancement of cancer treatment in India. Treating patients with this revolutionary therapy showcases the potential and efficacy of this transformative approach in addressing challenging B-cell malignancies. This milestone signifies a new chapter in our fight against cancer, offering renewed hope and possibilities to those battling these conditions.

On the occasion, Mr. Rana Dasgupta – CEO Eastern Region, ACC Kolkata, Apollo Hospitals Enterprises Limited, said, “Embarking on a pioneering journey, Apollo Cancer Centres has achieved a remarkable feat in the realm of cancer treatment. With successful treatments, our commitment to advancing CAR-T Cell Therapy is unwavering. Being the first private hospital in India to achieve success in this transformative therapy sets a new benchmark, reinforcing our dedication to groundbreaking healthcare. The indigenously built CAR-T treatment, NexCAR19, reflects our commitment to accessible and effective solutions. Apollo Cancer Centres is not just changing the narrative; we’re rewriting the possibilities of giving better treatment outcome for cancer patients across India and beyond.”

Apollo Cancer Centres has been a trailblazer in the Indian medical community, consistently introducing pioneering medical infrastructure and achieving numerous milestones. The introduction of CAR-T Cell therapy represents a new era for cancer treatment in the country.

About Apollo Cancer Centres –
Cancer care today means 360-degree comprehensive care, which requires commitment, expertise, and an indomitable spirit from cancer specialists.

Apollo Cancer Centres has a network across India with over 325 oncologists to oversee the delivery of high-end precision Oncology Therapy. Our oncologists deliver world-class cancer care following an organ-based practice under competent Cancer Management Teams. This helps us in delivering exemplary treatment to the patient in an environment that has consistently delivered an international standard of clinical outcomes.

Today, people from 147 countries come to India for cancer treatment at Apollo Cancer Centres. With the first and only Pencil Beam Proton Therapy Centre in South Asia & Middle East, Apollo Cancer Centres.

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