Kolkata gets its affordable Medicine store Generic Aadhaar when the world gets hit with Second Covid-19 Wave

Anando Sangbad Live: Generic Aadhaar inaugurates its first exclusive store in Kolkata city when the world gets hit
with Second Wave of Covid-19. Generic Aadhaar Medicine Company’s outlet will be Kolkata’s Durgatinashini (which means
‘the one who eliminates suffering’) for the unnecessarily high price of Medicines which affects the common man’s savings in this
panic pandemic situation. Generic Aadhaar has reached 100 cities and follows a pharmacy-aggregator business model with its first exclusive Medicine store in Kolkata and is planning to launch 500+ stores in entire Kolkata, Howrah, North 24 parganas,South 24 parganas, West Burdwan and other cities of West Bengal in coming years.

In accordance with the Prime Minister’s vision, Generic Aadhaar is an aggregator of pharmacy chain of medicines to support
„Make in India & Start Up India drive with quality medicines at true affordable prices to every Indian quality with affordability. Mr. Arjun Deshpande, Founder & CEO of Generic Aadhaar is changing the Pharma World and emerging as a New ERA of Pharma Industry by providing Affordable and Accessible Generic Medicines for betterment of Every Individual in
India. For his Innovative Startup, even Honourable Mr. Ratan Tata Sir have joined hands with Mr. Arjun Deshpande in his
innovative venture Generic Aadhaar. He is not only creating employments but also inspiring youth to became Entrepreneur’s
from his Generic Aadhaar Franchise Outlets across India.

Arjun Deshpande, Founder & CEO of Generic Aadhaar started this Venture at the age of sixteen, 2yrs back from Mumbai and now inaugurating its exclusive first outlet in Kolkata city. Our beloved Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji encouraged as
its Time “VOCAL FOR LOCAL” with the same Vision of our true great leaders Arjun Deshpande also aims to provide made in India medicines through “Generic Aadhaar” Stores at very affordable price as he believes medicines are not luxury but necessity. Generic Aadhaar will also be reaching other cities in Howrah, North 24 parganas,South 24 parganas, West Burdwan later will be inaugurating across India‟s cities such as Nagpur, Pune, Sangli, Bhopal, Jabalpur,Satna, Katni, Sagar, Ernakulam(cochin), Hyderabad, Madhyapura, Gaziabad, Meerut, Patna, Lucknow, Varanasi, Banaras, Noida,
Bhuwaneshwar, Sundergad, Bangalore, Pondicherry, Coimbatore and so on.

Speaking to the media, Mr. Arjun Deshpande, Founder & CEO of Generic Aadhaar said, “Our unique business model gives us an edge over any other player in the market currently as we aim to bring affordable healthcare. This is the best feeling when you are helping the nation in an innovative idea of a start-up venture for boosting the economy and firmly standing with the common man by providing the inexpensive and easily accessible Generic Medicines for the betterment of healthcare in India.”

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