Easy steps to prepare your home for winters

Kolkata 2 January 2023: Winters are here! With the temperatures dropping, we need winter proof ourselves, switching cool cottons to warm woollens. While we lay emphasis on pulling out the woollens and blankets to prepare for the onslaught of chilly weather, we need to ensure that our homes are also ready for the season change, specially, prepare our home for the cold weather to keep our kids and pets warm and cozy. 

A thorough winter cleaning schedule is essential for maintaining cleanliness and avoiding potential diseases. Young children are more susceptible to seasonal illnesses such as colds, flu, cough etc.  As we continue to spend more time at home with hybrid work culture, it is imperative that we clean up our homes and welcome winter with joy in order to make the most of it.

Simple tips to prepare your home for the chilly weather ahead: 

Ventilate your rooms adequately: Many tend to forget that opening windows is a natural way to introduce fresh air into your rooms during the winter. Lack of fresh air can lead to the accumulation of toxins and mould, that can make you ill. Allowing fresh air in will naturally minimize the risk of airborne diseases for kids and pets.

Disinfect surfaces and objects: Before disinfecting, it is critical to clean any surface, including common areas such as doorknobs, light switches, faucets and countertops. Because young children, particularly toddlers, have weaker immune systems than adults, disinfecting their toys and other items is also beneficial. Disinfecting ensures that most germs on objects and surfaces are killed.

Clean your floor thoroughly: The floor is by far the most vulnerable area of our home, accumulating the most dirt, grime, and germs. Sweep and mop the floor on a regular basis to keep it tidy and clean. A natural alternative to keep floors clean and protected is the neem based Nimyle floor cleaner from ITC, that has 100% natural action will keep the house smelling fresh, fragrant and protected from germs for your kids and pets.

Keep pets sheltered: Its highly suggested to keep your pets indoors during harsh winters as it can cause Hypothermia. Create an indoor spacious shelter where the pet can comfortably move around, cover the floor with a thick mattress and ensure pets water dish is fresh and clean so they can keep themselves hydrated. Pets tend to have accidents inside the homes due to the temperature drop. Make sure to clean up immediately and disinfect the area with Nimyle, leaving them germ free and odour free.

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