Celebrated, senior actress Pallavi Chatterjee has been celebrating their ancestral Lakshmi Puja for
decades now, which has now become the talk of the town too.

Let us have a first hand account of this very famous Puja through the eyes of actor/activist/teacher of method acting Bobby Chakraborty, who has been a regular, in the illustrious guest list for years too.

Here’s what Bobby said:-
“I know Pallavi Di or my dearest Maku Di for exactly 21 years, since I auditioned for the the Hindi daily soap ‘Saheb Biwi aur Ghulam’ which she and Bumba Da (Prosenjit Chatterjee) we’re producing under the banner of ‘Golden Moments’ for ‘Sahara Manoranjan’ Channel. I got to play an interesting character in this national serial, very early on in my career,along with the likes of Raveena Tandon,Ayub Khan, Rupa Ganguly etc. and I thank Maku Di and Bumba Da for that.

Later on I have worked with them as my co-actors too, but beyond the professional arena, I have developed a deep bond by heart, with Maku Di. I feel that among all in the industry who are the real well wishers of mine, she would definitely top the list. I have always been touched by her warmth and affection as a producer, as my co-actor and as my elder sister too.
Maku Di ‘s Lakshmi Puja is an event I haven’t missed for the last 20 years, if I am in town. Even if there are guests in my own house on this day, I sneak out of my residence to be at her Puja for sure.
Maku Di has been single handedly organising this Puja, exactly the same way, her mother, Late Ratna Chatterjee would execute it. Her mother was everything for her as she says. That’s the reason you
would see the photo of respected Ratna Aunty, beside the singhasan of Ma Lakshmi.
The planning, the shopping, the arrangements, the invitation, the execution are all done by Maku Di,with the greatest of care and finesse.
As you enter her home on this special day, especially if you have arrived while the Puja and Aarti is on,you are bound to be transported to a divine universe. I personally become awestruck with the magical atmosphere,where all you can do is but surrender to Ma Lakshmi and ask for her blessings.
After the Puja is over, Maku Di attends to each and every guest, whom she calls her ‘family members’,with a lot of love and concern. She makes it a point that no one leaves without having the tastiest
Bhog-Prasad, gastronomically arranged on the terrace.
It’s a regular event in my calendar, where a small reunion of sort happens between all my colleagues from the entertainment industry too, which always leads to a heart-to-heart adda and a whole lot of
I pray to Ma Lakshmi that She blesses Maku Di with the best of health, wealth and prosperity forever.
She is special…she is someone very near to my heart and I really feel at home with her”

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