CMRI focusses on imparting on overall renal care from Dialysis to Kidney transplant

✍️By Special Correspondent

CMRI caters to an end to end Renal Care from initiation of Dialysis to Renal Transplantation under one roof. Kidney disease has been surging rapidly in the society due to lifestyle changes & other associated metabolic diseases contributing to the progression of the basic disease. 

Under the tutelage of Dr. Pradip Chakrabarti (Head & Director of Renal Sciences), Dr. Abhinandan Banerjee (Nephrologist & Transplant Physician) & Dr. Rajiv Sinha (Pediatric Nephrologist & Transplant Physician) in the department of Renal Sciences, CMRI, we have been successfully treating renal disease with state of art infrastructure & facility. 

Dr. Pradip Chakrabarti added ” Renal transplantation is the ultimate solution to all End Stage Renal disease. With the recent advancement in drug therapeutics, outcome of the Transplantation has significantly improved. Multidisciplinary clearance of both recipient & donor is done for evaluation of a pair & hence we ensure complete medical safety before undergoing a major surgery. With the facility of Laparoscopic surgery for donors, the hospital stay & recovery to normal life has been remarkably fast. We have a stringent follow-up protocol for all post-transplant patients to ensure normal health of new graft kidney. With the advancements in medical sciences we also have the facility for ABO Incompatible Renal Transplantation with equal comparable results. Post Renal Transplantation is a new beginning where patients can continue their normal lifestyle with very minimal modification”.

Dr. Abhinandan Banerjee added ” Simple awareness tips & effective measures can slow the progression of kidney disease if detected at any early stage. Dialysis is a temporary care to replace the kidney dysfunction. So, the ultimate treatment is kidney transplantation. It can now be done as a living donor or deceased donor renal transplantation program. The recipient & donor pair undergo protocolized evaluation & optimization of clinical condition is done to ensure best results. The quality of life post renal transplantation improves remarkable with normal metabolic parameters which ensures a healthy livelihood “

Dr. Rajiv Sinha added ” kidney disease in children is still a myth for most of the population. Renal disease in children is basically due to genetic reasons & may progress to End Stage Renal Disease requiring peritoneal or hemodialysis. Just like adults the best treatment is Renal transplantation & it’s possible. Kidney disease in children lead to multiple disabilities like stunted growth hormonal imbalances & many more. Post renal transplantation patients have magical recovering with normal quality of life, improvement in growth & normal metabolic parameters”

In CMRI we have done more than 200 successful renal transplants including adult & pediatric patients in this pandemic situation.

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