From Care to Cure, Learn What Experienced Oncologist at CMRI, Kolkata Says on Cancer Treatment

✍️By Special Correspondent
The human race has long been exposed to the challenge of battling deadly Cancer, with the count only adding up with each year globally. Modern medical science and different advanced treatment procedures for cancer, are the only rays of hope. People these days are also increasingly becoming aware of the disease and its complications. Nowadays, patients are able to draw up themselves to battle it, unlike the scenario ten years back, when little did, they knew about this deadly enemy. CMRI’s Oncology Department is tirelessly working to provide excellent treatment to their patients. 10 beds have been separately allotted for cancer patients. A team of highly trained nurses are constantly taking care of the needs of patients with utmost care. Cancer can affect any part of the body. Intensity of treatment is decided keeping in mind the physical condition of the patient and the extent to which the cancer has spread.
CMRI has recently enhanced a well-resourced Oncology Department which constitutes a team of experienced doctors and surgeons- Dr. Chanchal Goswami, Dr. Indranil Khan, Dr. Subrata Saha, Dr. Jyotirup Goswami, Dr. Sudipta Bandyopadhyay, & Dr. Shubham Bhattacharya (Hematologist). Along with them, there is also a highly skilled team of nutritionists, physiotherapists, and counselling experts to give the cancer patients a 360 degree approach.
According to Dr. Chanchal Goswami, Consultant, Medical Oncologist, CMRI, Kolkata, “The advanced medical technology and invention of different medicines have brought in a new direction to the treatment of cancer. Proper treatment at the right time has escalated the success rate to 90%. There are special teams of doctors for treating cancer in different parts of the body. The critical surgeries are carried out using microscope and navigational system. We have a highly well quipped pathological department as well. Pathological reports like MRI, CT scan, PET CT scan are widely used to evaluate the presence and severity of cancer inside the body. A surgeon or expert ENT surgeon with special experience in Oncology needs to be consulted for oral or throat cancer. Patients suffering from thorax or lung cancer are under special need of a thoracic surgical oncologist. Similarly, the ones with oesophagus cancer need treatment under its specific doctor along with a thoracic team. Patients with food pipe and stomach cancer need to consult G-I surgeon, and Uro-Oncologists are responsible for treating kidney or urinary bladder cancer. Recent years have seen a surge in women witnessing the agony of ovarian cancer. Such cases require adept clinical surgeries by a gynecologist-oncologist. In CMRI, there are respective departments for radiation therapy as well. Two distinct departments are, diagnostic radiology & therapeutic radiology. Radiation is not used for all types of cancer. The medical oncology department has two distinct categories- pediatric oncology, concerned with treatment of cancer in children, & hematology, concerned with blood and bone marrow cancer.”
He further added on the importance of diet and counselling in oncology, “Keeping in mind the health of the patient, a special diet chart is curated by a nutritionist. Cancer diagnosis exerts negative pressure on the emotional and mental health of patients and their families. They often suffer from anxiety, stress, and depression during this life-changing experience. In order to alleviate such impact, they must undergo counselling sessions by experts. Normally, the treatment procedure is finalized after an intense discussion among a team of experienced doctors. The most striking feature of the oncology unit of CMRI is their green corridor facility. Patients with cancer are at a greater risk of being immune to diseases, as the immune system gets compromised. In order to keep down their contact with other diseases outside, our coordinates directly transfer them to the oncology department, ensuring maximum safe keeping.”
Cancer creeps up on life when it is least expected, but quitting is not an answer. The first step in its treatment is staying strong and putting up a brave fight against its deadly clutches. Each doctor and health worker in CMRI’s oncology department puts his best foot forward to bring the patient back to healthy life. Determining the stage of cancer and starting treatment at the very onset increases the chances of healing manifold.

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