An Eggalicious Breakfast Menu at Bunaphile

✍️By Special Correspondent

Bunaphile Café, the cozy heritage café located at 72, Hindustan Park, Kolkata- 700029 (right opposite Fabindia) has recently introduced an addition to their all day breakfast menu with an eggalicious spread.

Sonika Dey, owner and founder of Bunaphile Café said, “We were looking forward to introduce the breakfast range at Bunaphile and after a lot of thought we decided on the egg breakfast range. Eggs are not just healthy but versatile and a popular choice for breakfast due to its high protein and vitamins content. We have tried to combine different kinds of egg items in the menu keeping in mind the taste and moods of our patrons.” The breakfast items are available at the café all day from 7:30am to 11pm and starts from Rs 249 onwards.

The breakfast range comprises Arabic Breakfast Wrap, a creamy delicious wrap consisting of the Arabic bread khubz that wraps the Arabic grilled chicken shawarma, capsicums, onions, tomato, fresh romaine with a delightful tahini paste and yoghurt to add a punch of flavours. Cajun Devil Egg is the classic hard boiled eggs stuffed with capsicums, tobasco and ketchup. There is Egg Garden Salad for those who prefer having a bowl of fresh veggies. German Omelette with Bacon is prepared like a crepe with beaten eggs and bacon and chives rolled up inside. Mexican Chilaquiles is the spicy traditional Mexican tortilla chips served with red chilli sauce and cream and a sunny side up. The menu also has Sausage Egg Roll in which sausages are rolled up inside an omelette and served with butter toast. Turkish Spinach Egg Casserole is a Turkish favourite with eggs combined in herbs and spinach and served with butter toast. Scramble egg with bacon bits in a creamy egg mix topped on a butter toast and Spanish omelette with pepperoni Butter toast topped with egg baked in boiled potato are great hits. Dessert Platter comprising cupcakes at Rs 50 per piece, Cheesecakes at Rs 249 and Cookies at Rs 50 for two pieces.

Swiggy and Zomato delivery is also available.

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