• The Indian Pharma Multinational ties exclusive sales and distribution rights of Scholl foot care products including Krack Cream
    Mumbai: Brinton, the Indian Pharmaceutical Multinational, which has been steadily increasing its footprint in the Indian and global healthcare sector, in a strategic move today announced a tie up with the global foot care brand, Scholl Wellness Company, for the sales and distribution of the latter’s products in the Indian market, that include the famed brand, Krack Cream.
    “We are extremely proud to collaborate with Scholl to build its heritage brands including Krack Cream. Scholl is the global leader in the foot care industry and we’ve an interest in the area of dermatology among others. Our endeavour is to build on this legacy through our mammoth distribution network and strong marketing capabilities. This will help to build the brand further and reach the pinnacle of success,” said Brinton Chairman and Managing Director Rahulkumar Darda.
    Scholl, the No.1 foot care brand in the world has an array of foot care products like Arthritis Pain Reliever, Custom Fit Orthotics, different varieties of insoles, Odor-X, a Probiotic Extract Formula Foots Spray, Wart Remover Freeze Away Max, Ingrown Toenail Pain Reliever and Fungal Nail Revitalizer among others. Krack Cream, however, is the most popular brand commanding 80% market share in India.
    Scholl offers complete foot care through innovative products for healthier feet. This partnership would further strengthen our resolve to expand our market in India. Interestingly, the global foot care market is expected to reach $ 4.4 billion by 2026.
    “The foot care market continues to offer exciting marketing opportunities. Its market size is expected to grow at 7.9% CAGR for the next few years since there is a growing requirement of foot care products for maintaining better aesthetics and ensuring hygiene. Fluctuating lifestyle and altering fashions are augmenting exposure of feet skin,” added Darda.
    Global market research, in this backdrop, indicates that the demand for foot cleansing lotions, creams and repair ointments would continue to rise. Then, there is also the increasing incidence of diabetes and bacterial infections which is further fuelling the growth of the foot care industry.
    A recognised pharma leader that uses innovative and emerging technologies right from product research to formulation development, Brinton has interests in dermatology, paediatric and gynaecology. The company offers several high-quality products related to skin, children, women’s health and wellness.
    “Our scientific and technical expertise makes us one of the most trusted brands and we believe in delivering world-class products at affordable cost. Our alliance with Scholl is an extremely important step towards strengthening our foothold in the OTC segment. We will penetrate into the market deeper ensuring the availability of Scholl products to a wide variety of customers,” Darda informed.

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