Kolahal Theatre Workshop stagged ‘Shilar Jinnat’

✍️By Special Correspondent

Kolahal Theatre Workshop aims at the development and therapy-based programs for the stigmatized sections of the society.

Their previous works include projects with the LGBTQ community, female sex workers of Kolkata, the drug addicts and that with the autistic and intellectually disabled children and young adults.

The main event on 26th April was the book release of ‘Shilar Jinnat’, which is the 8th production of Kolahal Theatre Workshop. The book launch event was preceded by the enactment of the play ‘Shilar Jinnat’ and followed by another small play, ‘Urukku Manush’, which is the seventh production of Kolahal Theatre Workshop. ‘Urukku Manush’ is a rehabilitation project of Kolahal, for the autistic and intellectually disabled children and young adults. In the play, four autistic children have

The book ‘Shilar Jinnat’ was released by the eminent poet,editor, translator and Associate Professor in English, Shree Subodh Sarkar, in the presence of
many renowned writers and dignitaries. The name of the publishing house is “Darabar Jayega”.
The main theme of ‘Shilar Jinnat’ is Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam in Sanskrit, which means the world is one family. The play ‘Shilar Jinnat’ revolves around Ismail, who is a passionate clay artist.
To him his art is worship. His small family consists of his elder sister Asma and his niece Muskan. In this particular year before the Pujas, Ismail’s world goes upside down when he realizes that he is unable to give shape to any of the clay idols. Torn between his duty as the
bread earner of the family and between his own passion, distraught Ismail starts seeing some strange visions which transport him into an unknown realm. But Is that realm really unknown or
does it bear a close connection to his past? And what role does Sugandha play in all these?
‘ShilarJinnat’ takes us on a journey between past and present where the surreal meets reality and highlights the truth that “An artist has no caste”.
The play ‘Shilar Jinnat’ is directed by Nigel Akkara and Urukku Manush is directed by Tanmay

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