Indo-Western Styling Workshop at Sasya

Kolkata, 4th March 2022: Celebrity Stylist Neel Saha hosted a one-of-kind indo-western styling workshop at Sasya in the presence of actress Arkoja Acharya, Indian-American artist Aruna Arya Gupta, model Adolina Ganguly and top fashion blogger of the city, Lisha Jain.

The fun and glamorous workshop entailed Neel Saha styling the gorgeous women using clothes from Sasya and jewellery from Sawansukha. It was one of the first collaborative styling workshops of its kind in Kolkata. Neel created four different looks on these women and explained how one can ‘do more with less’ when it comes to clothes and fashion.

According to Neel, “Sometimes we have too many clothes and don’t know what to do with them. I think these kinds of workshops are important not just for celebrities, but everyone, to be able to make use of their clothes in a better way, creating new outfits out of the old ones. I’m thankful to the owner of Sasya, Mayank Agarwal for giving us this opportunity to host something like this and Sawansukha Jewellers for coming forward and collaborating with us.”

Actress Arkoja Acharya said, “I love how Neel has styled me. I think this futuristic look can be worn on a red carpet any day! I’m extremely glad to be a part of this amazing evening.”

Artist Aruna Arya Gupta who recently became an internet sensation with her song Laazmi said, “I love my look. Since I live in USA, there are a lot of occasions when I do want to wear Indian, but just cannot find the right piece because most of it looks too gaudy. I think Neel’s look of this lehenga with a shirt can be worn to a wedding any day without feeling to uncomfortable.”

The workshop was followed by Neel sharing styling tips with the audience and a fashion photoshoot.

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