Yash Dasgupta tells us what made him fall in love with Nusrat on the next episode of 104.8 Ishq FM’s talk show, Ishq with Nusrat!

  • Yash and Nusrat confess to running away to escape the media

Kolkata, 29 December 2021:  In the 6th episode of celebrity talk show ‘Ishq with Nusrat, Bhalobashaye Bold’, host Nusrat Jahan invites ‘her favourite’, actor Yash Dasgupta, for a candid chat where ‘#Yashrat’ talks about their very controversial relationship and friendship which was a prominent topic of discussion this year.  

The host and the guest both opened up on how it all happened and what Yash feels love is all about. Nusrat blushes as she calls Yash her only choice as they both for the very first time talked about how they feel about each other on an open platform without the fear of being stigmatized. Moreover, they emerge out as a flag bearer of modernism which is only discussed verbally but hardly followed in real life.

The episode is too good to be missed as Bengal’s heartthrob, Yash talks about acting on emotions, toxic romance and how it is important to not think about what others say about you. How can a third person affect any kind of relationship, how did their love actually happen between them and what are their views on adjustments? Today’s episode reveals a lot of things from the very first time, about #Yashrat.

Yash comments on his presence in the show, “104.8 Ishq FM introduces a show which has proved to be a breath of fresh air for people who likes to know the truth from ‘Horse’s Mouth’ rather than gossiping about the personal lives of actors, and I personally believe that is the reason of the popularity behind the show and our charming host too.” 

To know more, click on the YouTube link below and enjoy the episode of Ishq with Nusrat! 

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