104.8 Ishq FM launches ‘Ishq with Nusrat – Bhalobashaye Bold’ a unique talk show in Kolkata with Nusrat Jahan

Kolkata, 11 November 2021:In a first of its kind celebrity radio and digital show, 104.8 Ishq FM launches ‘Ishq with Nusrat – Bhalobashaye Bold, hosted by none other than, Nusrat Jahan.

The actor will host a radio and digital show for Ishq FM, Kolkata and will give her take on different facets of Love and Relationships.
The show was launched by Nusrat herself at a Press Conference at Lord of the Drinks (South City Mall) today.

The 2 month long show will have a total of 24 episodes airing on radio and 6 digital episodes released on Ishq FM’s YouTube channel.  Each episode on radio and digital promises a unique and different take on love, romance & relationships along with a glimmer of entertainment. Popular personalities such asYash Dasgupta (Actor), Shri Madan Mitra (MLA), Ritabhari Chakraborty (Actor), Tanushree Chakraborty (Actor) and The Bong Guy- Kiran Dutta (YouTuber) will be joining Nusrat in the show for a tete-a-tete. Each episode presents a very unique and personal take on modern love & matters of the heart.

Subjects on love not often spoken about such as cheating, settling in love, divorce, and finding love again will be discussed on the show in a very bold and open way.  The listeners and callers will have a fair chance to speak their hearts out and Nusrat will try to give them solutions in her own unique way.

Speaking about the show, Nusrat said “I was absolutely spell-bound by the idea when I got to know the crux of the show. The show format ideated by the team at ISHQ FM is indeed very unique and the bold perspective on love problems will make it stand out.

I am also very excited about my first stint as a Radio Host. The show is quirky and deals with love and love related issues with bold solutions. So, Ishq with Nusrat is something in which the audience will see me in a completely different avatar & I hope the audience appreciates me in this role as they have done previously. The show will see the glass ceiling of tagging certain conversations as taboo being shattered now for good”.

Rahul Kumar Shaw – CEO, Television & Radio (104.8 Ishq FM) – TV Today Network added, “Kolkata has always been known as a culturally diverse and a progressive city. With Ishq FM, we intend to own the space of love & romance. Ishq with Nusrat is one such show which brings forth issues around love, romance & relationships with a bold perspective. Hope our listeners shower as much love on this show as they have given to other celebrity shows we have done in the past.”

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