The stage is all set with loaded food and music for a grand Poila Baishak

What – Esho Hey Boishak 2.O
When – Dinner Buffet on 14th April
Lunch and Dinner Buffet on 15th and 16th April
Where – Kebab-E-Que , The Astor
Address – 15, Shakespeare Sarani Rd, beside NIGHTINGALE HOSPITAL, Kankaria Estates, Park Street area, Kolkata, West Bengal 700071
Price – 1600 A.I.

As the Bengali New Year is around the corner, the heritage hotel is all set to make your day grand with a delectable menu. Trust Kebab-E-Que to make your Poila Boishak memorable with a menu that’s exhaustive and perfectly flavoured. The place which is known for its impressive buffet out their celebratory feasts comprising classic Bengali dishes including an array of beverages and appetisers to start with.

The shorbot section will have Paka Bel and Basil Shorbot and Gandhoraj lemon grass Doi we Ghol. The Shuroote section is perfect to start with, and will have some Bagh Bazar er Lorai er Chop, Narkol Diye Posto Bora, Cabin-Kitchen’s Bhetki Macher Chop, and Dalchini Murg Kebab.

The Anushagnik Bhorta Bhaja and Bata section will comfort you with Opar Bangla delicacies which will be served with rice. The bhorta live section will have Ranga Aloo, Pora Tomato Dhone pata and Kancha Kola chilli. The bata live section will have Dhone Pata Bata, Kancha Amm Posto, and Thankuni Shorshe Bata. The bhaja section will have Aloo Jhuri Bhaja, Begun Bhaja and Phul Kopi Bhaja. Other than this the menu consists of green salad, Bhapa Sabji, Chokha Bhindi, Dahi Bora, Peyara Makha and more. Get to enjoy all this with Aam Ada Dal and Sabji Dal.

In the main course they will have a sabji section consists of Sukto, Aloo Peyaz Posto, Pur Bhora Potol, Mochar Kofta, Koraishuti diye Dhokar Dalna. The Mach Murgi Mangsho section contains all time favourites like Pabda Macher Tel Jhal, Shorshe Kancha Lonka Bata, Lebu Pata diye Chingri Malai Curry, Mutton Dak Bunglow and Dhone Pata diye Murgi.

The Achar Chutney and Papad section consists of Mixed Pickle, Lasoon Pickle, Kuler achaar, Amsatto Khejurer Chutney, Fried papad, Roasted papad and Disco papad.

For your sweet tooth, the Mishti Mukh section will have some Mishti Doi, Kamola Bhog, Gandhoraj Sandesh, Risotto Rice Kheer, Gurer Ice Cream with Nolen Gur on the side.

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