MamyPoko Pants launches ‘Namaste Poko Chan’ Campaign in West Bengal

Kolkata 6 April 2023: Strengthening its association with the people of West Bengal and taking its social initiative one step further, first pants style disposable diaper maker in India- Unicharm India has announced to launch ‘Namaste Poko Chan’ Campaign in different parts of West Bengal to create awareness about baby hygiene. Mr. Toshiyuki Nakamura, Senior Brand Manager, Baby Care Marketing Division, Unicharm India; Mr. Ashish Kumar Verma, Senior Director- Sales Unicharm India were present at the announcement press conference in Kolkata.

Namaste Poko Chan initiative, the flagship campaign of MamyPoko, started nine years ago to promote baby hygiene and care amongst families, especially mothers through educative events in slum areas of cities and villages, where MamyPoko team works closely with local health workers to improve the domestic environment of homes with babies.

The Brand started the campaign with an aim to break the barrier and change the mindset of mothers about using diaper instead of a cloth nappy as it was unhygienic and created health issues for the baby. As MamyPoko Pants (MPP) was the first pant style diaper, the brand educated the mothers so that they can easily use MPP diaper, like making the child wear a pant.

In the 9th year of the campaign, the Brand’s focus is to inform young mothers about the benefits of the right size and buying the right diaper for their baby, along with the importance of good sleep for infants and necessity of a sanitary environment for child-rearing using a disposable diaper. Under this campaign, the brand has distributed 4,50,000 diaper samples for babies in different parts of the state of West Bengal.

Mr. Ashish Kumar Verma, Sr. Director Sales Unicharm India, said, “We are very happy to come up with such a humane initiative in line with the government’s focus on promoting hygiene in India. MamyPoko Pants has brought a positive impact in the lives of people in 400+ locations across Mumbai, Delhi-NCR, Kanpur, Varanasi, Lucknow and Kolkata, through Namaste Poko Chan Campaign. This campaign has already witnessed an overwhelming response and participation and has already encouraged various participants to adopt best hygiene practices for their infants.”

Mr. Toshiyuki Nakamura, Sr. Brand Manager, Babycare Department, Unicharm India, said, “We are delighted to expand the Namaste Poko Chan Campaign in Kolkata again this year. We are optimistic that our efforts in this direction will enable parents from across the country to learn the importance of baby hygiene and care. MamyPoko has been a partner in the motherhood journey of many women across the country, and this campaign is an important step towards further building this bond. We are hopeful that the Namaste Poko Chan campaign will create a positive impact in the lives of parents across the country.”

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