“The indomitable spirit of a girl to overcome all hurdles”Introducing the incredible journey of Geeta LL.B

Star Jalsha is all set to launch the heart-warming journey of a young lawyer Geeta LL.B, from the suburban Bengal, who is yet to get a decent case, that will kickstart her career. Geeta was named after “Bhagwad Geeta” by her father, who unfortunately also couldn’t make a successful career as a lawyer and is often mocked by people. As a child, Geeta was fascinated with the court, and the suspense and drama that it unfolds, which fuelled her interest to become a successful lawyer.

Geeta lives in a chawl along with her family and other quirky chawl members who are the integral part of her life. Despite her daily financial and career struggles, Geeta shoulders all her responsibilities for her family and the people around her life residing in the chawl. Her journey is far from smooth, as she encounters innumerable hurdles to make a mark in the legal world. Irrespective of all the atrocities in her life, Geeta always stands by what she believes is right and never compromises on truth.

Geeta’s life takes a surprising turn when she takes up a challenging case which all other established lawyers refused to take. What happens next? Can this one case make or break her dream?

“Geeta LLB” offers a compelling narrative that portrays her indomitable spirit, determination, perseverance to make a mark while regaining her father’s lost pride.

Tune in to Star Jalsha and Star Jalsha HD on November 20th at 6:30 PM to witness Geeta’s inspiring story of determination and unwavering commitment to justice, both within and outside the courtroom.

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