SVF’s next- “Cheeni 2” is set to begin filming

  • Written & to be Directed by Mainak Bhaumik
  • “Cheeni”, – An SVF release from the year 2020, commemorated its significant 100 days at the box office, is back with its next in the franchise “Cheeni 2”, under the direction of Mainak Bhaumik.
  • The film promises to be a full package that will not only provide the spectator with enjoyable comedic moments but also with several emotional touchpoints in a variety of views and life paths.
  • The ability to relate to and identify with the narrative’s family drama, together with its abundance of positivism and realism, will make the audience happy.

The multiskilled director Mainak Bhaumik brings together a stellar cast including Aparajita Adhya who plays the role of a middle-aged woman “Misti”, staying with her husband “Subho”, played by Anirban Chakrabarti, the young – chirpy Madhumita will be playing “Cheeni”, and we will also see our very own Prem Tame fame Soumyo Mukherjee playing “Sammy”. The music is by Prasen er Dolbol and the cinematography is by Modhura Palit. The shooting starts from 16th March onwards in Kolkata.

The film was announced with a motion poster release today from SVF & all its cast & crew members and it has already started securing a permanent spot on the trends list. The first part represented a quirky drama, about a modern working woman and her eccentric mother who shared a complicated love-hate relationship. It was an emotional ride, but the makers promise that the sequel will be even better, with an impressive ensemble! This time, “Misti” and “Cheeni” won’t be a mother-daughter team but rather two distinct individuals who have different viewpoints on their lifestyles, come from various social strata, and are connected by a web of emotions.

The director, Mainak Bhaumik, was enthralled by the sequel’s adventure and remarked, “Cheeni 2 is a simple story that includes all the elements of human emotions. Being back on set with my family members is wonderful. To collaborate with Apa Di and Madhumita is always a pleasure. I’m delighted the SVF team recognised the potential in the script and continued to support me.”

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