Star Jalsha presents ‘Snan Jatra’ Special Episodes

The birth anniversary of Mahaprabhu Jagannath is one occasion which is very close to Bengalis all over the world. Keeping this in mind Star Jalsha is presenting specially curated episodes of its popular shows on the auspicious occasion of ‘Snan Jatra’. Viewers will be privy to a fun-filled, exciting, dramatic, and entertaining content in Khelaghor, Khorkuto, Mahapeeth Tarapeeth and Gangaram.

Khelaghor (Snan Jatra special Episode) 24th-25th June 6 pm:

On the auspicious day of Jagannath Deb’ s Snan Jatra, Purna will appear in her first public political meeting as a leader. She has taken an oath to defeat the corrupt politician Gagan Makhal by fighting the election as an opponent. Gagan Makhal is not at all happy to know this and has threatened Purna and Santu. However, Purna is resilient and will not deviate from her mission. Gagan plans to attack Purna. Will Purna be able to survive and continue her mission?

Khorkuto (Snan Jatra special episode) 24th-25th June 7.30pm:

Gungun has recently gone through a lot of emotional turmoil. She had left her in-law’s house due to a misunderstanding with her husband Soujonyo. The couple, despite being madly in love with each other, have hardly been able to express their real emotions. Now viewers need to find out whether by Lord Jagannath’s blessings a new romantic journey between the two unfolds.

Gangaram (Snan Jatra special Episode) 24th-25th June 9.30pm:
Gangaram and Tayra are divorced now and it’s time for their separation. However, Tayra has realized her love for Gangaram during the course of separation and now she is reluctant to leave him. Will both of them start walking in different paths or will they start a new journey together? To know watch Snan Jatra special episode of Gangaram.

Mahapeeth Tarapeeth (Maha Friday) 25th June 10pm-11pm, 1 Hour special:
Innocent Sulokhona’s husband was bitten by the snake. Watch the miraculous one hour long episode of Mahapeeth Tarapeeth on 25th June, to find out how Bama, with the blessings of Tara Maa, takes up the challenge to bring back the life of Sulokhona’s husband.

Stay Tuned to Star Jalsha for many such exciting, entertaining and inspiring stories.

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