Khelaghor: when love conquers all differences

By Special Correspondent

Every romance carries with it, a sense of joy and beauty. Some love stories are nurtured amidst positivity, while some blossom in adversity. Khelaghor, Star Jalsha’s latest presentation is one such unique love story that follows the romance of Shantu and Purna, whose love for each other is destined to grow amidst hardships and class difference.
Due to a strange twist of fate, Shantu, a local gang leader, ends up marrying Purna, a girl from a wealthy and prosperous family, on the day of her marriage to a different groom chosen by her family.
This marriage is sudden and totally unexpected for Purna, as she never imagined marrying a person she is meeting for the first time, that too a gangster. For Shantu, he marries Purna just to prove a point.
Faced with this strange situation, will Purna be able to forget this incident and go ahead with the marriage her family had intended for her later in the evening? Or will she honour her marriage with Shantu and start living with this local goon? What will happen when Purna gets to know the real man behind this gangster Shantu and his reasons for choosing this life?
Purna’s life after this marriage will take viewers of Bengal on a roller coaster ride of emotions, surprises and drama, which will get unfolded from Monday, November 30, 2020, every day at 6pm.
The role of Shantu will be played by popular actor Syed Arefin who had previously grabbed viewers’ attention in Irabotir Chupkatha. Purna will be portrayed by debutant Swikriti Majumdar.
The show will be produced by Blues Water Pictures and Productions Pvt. Ltd., who have previously brought to us successful shows like Khokababu, Bhojo Gobindo, Rakhi Bandhan, and Tapur Tupur.
Speaking on the occasion of the launch, the channel spokesperson said, “Khelaghor will offer our viewers a hugely dramatic, romantic and fast paced story telling experience. Drama, action, romance and a gripping storyline will keep our viewers enchanted and entertained throughout the show. Set against a class difference backdrop, the romance of Shantu and Purna will definitely strike a chord with our viewers.”
Khelaghor will air every day at 6:00PM, 30th November onwards only on Star Jalsha SD and Star Jalsha HD.

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