Soham, Madhumita & Porimoni Share screen space together in a Bengali film for the first time

  • Bangladeshi actor Porimoni’s returns to Kolkata, India for a Bengali venture
  • Himani films in association with Medianext Entertainment announce the lead cast of their new film: Felu Bakshi

Felu Bakshi is a thriller film that will see Soham Chakraborty play the titular role. Felu Bakshi is a new age character, who’s witty, tech-savvy, and keeps himself updated with the latest and greatest in technology. but at heart he’s a simple Bengali guy who loves to eat and solve crimes. Solving crimes to him is like reading recipes out of a cook-book. He loves his food as much as he loves to solve crimes.

The name “Felu Bakshi” echoes legendary figures from Bengali literature and cinema. However, the creators assure us that there’s more beneath the surface than meets the eye, a mystery awaiting discovery upon viewing the film. The makers add the disclaimer – “Don’t go by the name”

Madhumita breathes life into the character of “Debjani,” a radio jockey with an innate desire to assist Felu Bakshi in his investigative pursuits, hinting at a blossoming affection for our titular hero.

Porimoni’s portrayal of “Labanya” promises to be a pivotal aspect of the narrative, shrouded in intrigue and complexity, withholding its secrets for the audience to unravel in due time.

Joining the ensemble are Shataf Figar and Sreejit Ayushman Sarkar in significant roles, contributing to characters within this cinematic universe.

This collaboration marks the first instance where all three lead actors unite on screen, offering a glimpse into the chemistry awaiting audiences

The shoot starts on 27th of March 2024 in Kolkata and the film is scheduled to release by the end of this year. Porimoni will be flying down from Bangladesh to join her co-actors for the shoot. Porimoni’s presence, crossing borders from Bangladesh, underscores the international appeal of this project.

The makers feel the audiences are going to enjoy the character of Felu Bakshi and envision to build a future franchise out of this.

The cinematography will be helmed by Sudipta Majumder ( of Vinci Da fame) and music rendered by Aditi Bose and Amlaan Chakraborty.

Felu Bakshi:

Cast: Soham Chakraborty, Madhumita Sarkar, Porimoni, Shataf Figar, Sreejit Ayushman Sarkar and others

Created & Directed by: Debraj Sinha

Production: Himani Films in association with Medianext Entertainment

DOP: Sudipta Majumder

Music: Aditi Bose & Amlaan Chakraborty

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