‘Cheeni’ Trailer Out Today

  • Cheeni all set to unveil the sweet yet unique relationship between a mother and daughter, this Christmas: Trailer released today!

Somnath Laha:SVF released the trailer of Cheeni today amongst major audience anticipation.

The 2mins 21 seconds trailer features the story of a mother and daughter who are seen to bond over several trials and tribulations. As the trailer reveals, there are several comic, dramatic and emotional touchpoints in the story for the audience to relate to.

The trailer opens by showing how a quintessential Bengali mother (played by Aparajita Adhya) transforms into a never seen rebel and the different fireworks that follows while Cheeni, the daughter (played by Madhumita), tries to tackle her.

Cheeni in this effort is supported by her boyfriend whose role is played by Saurav Das.Mainak Bhaumik directed, Cheeni is slated to release on 25th December, 2020.

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