Siddiqui Academy – Free E-Learning platform for the student, by the student

By Special Correspondent

This is regarding Aisha Siddiqui – Year 11 student of Cambridge International School, Dubai. During the summer break and under the COVID restrictions, Aisha developed an e-Learning platform called “Siddiqui Academy – A free learning platform for the student by the student”:

Because of the COVID crisis and closure of schools, many students have been struggling to cope up with their regular studies. Aisha developed Siddiqui Academy as a platform to help students to either become a volunteer tutor to support other students, or seek mentorship in any of their available subjects. The services are 100% free to ensure maximum outreach to all students and communities in the hope to support quality education in these tough times. The project aims to work in line with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, aligning it with ‘Good Health and Wellbeing’, ‘Quality Education’ and ‘Reduced Inequalities’. Aisha is also in touch with NGO’s, to continue being able to reach out and support those students who require it.

Siddiqui Academy is named after Aisha’s grandfather, Mohammed Hakim Siddiqui, who valued education above everything else. He instilled in his children the passion to learn, read and help others within and beyond their capacity. Mohammed Hakim Siddiqui passed away last year after spending a year battling with stage 4 cancer.

Siddiqui Academy is a free online platform for students to come, volunteer and become a tutor, or come and seek mentorship in any of their available subjects. All whilst ensuring our services will be 100% free always, to ensure maximum outreach to all students and communities. At Siddiqui Academy they strive to create a community of learners who want to explore new topics, go through challenging questions and leave feeling confident.

Siddiqui Academy is run by the students for the students. The challenges presented by the pandemic have caused students to find innovative ways to continue learning. Any student can volunteer through their application form, then they go through an interview process after which they bring them on-board onto their website. This ensures that all tutor volunteers are of the highest quality and can teach effectively to any student.

Siddiqui Academy is open to any student from Year 7 onwards who wants to revise, go over concepts or speed up their learning!

At Siddiqui Academy they offer 1:1 lesson with student tutors who ensure maximum focus and tailor your learning based on your needs. In addition to this, they offer webinars that deal with numerous subjects and provide an opportunity to clear doubts or go through past papers dealing with tricky concepts.

It is completely free and entirely run by students for students. And they believe the best way to learn is with your peers, helping each other along the way. This creates an environment of learning, sharing and growing.

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