Augmented Pujo-Jagadhatri- a look back at the history of Chandannagar and Jagadhatri Pujo

By Special Correspondent

After the standout success of Envy Digital’s initiative of the virtual tour of Durga Pujas the next destination is 20 Jagadhatri Pujas of Chandannagar where renowned historian and a local resident Dr Biswanath Bandopadhyay answers some of questions that come to the minds of people, “Why there’s so many Jagadhatri Pujas in the alleys of Chandannagar? “What made it so popular and what’s the reason for the “height of the idols?” “What is so special about Chandannagar So brace yourselves to be enlightened on 20 such Pujas in 2020.

Historically Chandannagar was not only about French colony or Jagadhatri Puja, it was the hub of business back in 17th century, it was not a residential city, in the British India era also it was ruled by an Indian and despite that the natives were separated and secluded from the ‘whites’. History states that the Jagadhatri puja was not a community puja and the idols were not so huge. How it started, when it became a community puja, are the interesting stories to be narrated by writer, professor, historian Dr. Biswanath Bandyopadhyay, residing in Chandannagar for over the past 50 years.

“After the success of Augmented Durga Puja and the High Court’s order of closure of the pandals at Chandannagar, we decided to showcase this year’s Jagadhatri puja online. So we thought to have a historical journey with the puja parikrama. Hence an hour of pure Chandannagar brought to the homes by Envy Digital as Augmented Pujo-Jagadhatri which shall be a documentary parikrama both entertaining and educational, a family tour, seating at home and staying safe in this Pandemic,” says Nilanjan Chakraborty of Envy Digital.

The virtual documentary with Dr Biswanath Bandopadhyay shall be shown from 24th to 26th November 2020 with Paytm Insider for a token charge of Rs 149/-

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