Shyam Sundar Co. Jewellers presented the 9th edition of Sharad Sundari at Calcutta Boating Club on 27th November 2021

✍️By Special Correspondent

‘Sharad Sundari’, as we all know, is a very popular and much awaited annual hunt for the face with the most festive look during Durga Puja, and this year it is on its 9th year run.

This year, Shyam Sundar Co Jewellers – in Association With ‘Khukumoni’ – Presents ‘Sharad Sundari 2021’.

At the finale, earlier this evening, the programme began with a signature showcasing by international fashion designer and UNESCO Artist For Peace, Bibi Russell – with supermodel Nayanika Chatterjee as guest show-stopper for that part

Thereafter, the ‘Sharad Sundari’ finalists walked the ramp – with star guest Sohini Sarkar as the show-stopper – and after two rounds of being on stage and facing the audience – the ‘Sharad Sundari’ finalists were judged by an eminent panel which decided on the winner of the title, two runners-up and the ones with most winning Skin, Smile, Panache and Resourcefulness.

Additionally, from this year, a separate category – Mrs Sharad Sundari – was added for married girls.

The winners were, understandably, in a state of disbelief but said it all with their winning look as they faced endless clicking of cameras and requests, by the paparazzi, for reactions.

The judges – Kamaleshwar Mukherjee (Film Director), Churni Ganguli (Actor), Riddhi Sen (Actor), Sudarshan Chakraborty (Dance Guru), Vivek Das (Photographer), Aniruddha Chakladhar (Make-up Artist) & Ranadeep Moitra (Fitness Expert) – seemed happy with the results and it showed on their faces.

And the audiences erupted with a thundering applause in appreciation of the crowning moment which was the climax of the evening.

“I am delighted to be back in Kolkata after such a long time and more so to be a part of this beautiful face hunt”, said Bibi Russell, adding, ” and I take this opportunity to thank Shyam Sundar Co Jewellers and Khukumoni for presenting such an novel initiative to promote young hopefuls in the world of beauty and fashion”

“Sharad Sundari started as a dream initiative to add a new dimension to all the celebration of the festive season and provide a platform for young girls with stars in their eyes”, said Arpita Saha, Director, Shyam Sundar Company Jewellers, “and, today, we are really happy to see that it has lived up to that promise and has grown into a very popular and much awaited annual hunt for the face with the most festive look during Durga Puja”.

“We came is from the last edition and were very happy about our association with ‘Sharad Sundari'”, said Aritra Roy Chowdhury, Director, Pradip Chemical Works India Pvt Ltd – manufacturers and marketers of the ‘Khukumoni’ brand of sindoor, alta and personal products – adding, “and we are very keen to keep being associated with this signature pageant and using it to find our face of the year”

“This year the preparations for ‘Sharad Sundari’ started with a challenge”, added Rupak Saha, Director, Shyam Sundar Company Jewellers, explaining,

” Covid-19 restrictions posed many a problem but we managed to convert it all into an opportunity by reinventing the format and opening the flood gates of response by going online.”

The Shyam Sundar Co Jewellers – In Association With ‘Khukumoni’ – Presents ‘Sharad Sundari 2021’ winners will feature in advertising campaigns for these two popular brands of jewellery and personal products which will launch them in the world of beauty, glamour and fashion; and which is what the purpose of ‘Sharad Sundari’ is really all about.


Winner : Ayshi Mukherjee

Winner : Ayshi Mukherjee
1st Runner-Up : Anugata Gupta Sen
2nd Runner-Up : Preeti Sarkar


Winner : Aratrika Dujari
1st Runner-Up : Ujjayini Chakraborty
2nd Runner -Up : Sonakshi Chowdhury

Pictures:Biswajit Saha

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