‘Shades of Colours, a Bengali cloud short film

Anando Sangbad Live :Shades of Colours – is a Bengali cloud short film. This film shows how the family bonding
has changed for the better in recent days, especially at a time when the entire country is in a
lockdown mode. Even when the situation turns for the better in the coming days, this bonding is
yet another way of looking at life from a perspective which was partially side lined because of
the fast pace and target-oriented life for both men and women. Normally the day began with a
target and ended with the achievement or failure to reach that target. This applies to all walks of
life. The current situation has taken a lot from us materially but has given us a new lease of life
in relationships.
This film brings to you another unique aspect of life. We usually see a dream in black and
white and reality including moments which are precious to us, in colour. In the film, it is just the
opposite. This film also showcases how we re-live and experience the family moments which we
tend to oversee because of our daily fight for existence. What are we running after? Is it money
and assets or is it the moments of life which will co-exist in nature even years and years after us.
The actors in the film are Pradip Dhar, Swarnali Chatterjee Dhar and Bhumish Dhar. This
film has been directed by renowned actor and writer Pradip Dhar, co-story writer and
Bollywood producer Ayanjit Sen, editor and co-screenplay writer Abhinaba Halder and
concept writer Souvik Biswas. This film has been produced by La Pelicula Motion Pictures and
presented by MAC Films.
This film was done indoors without breaking the rules of lockdown, including social
Here is the link of ‘Shades of Colours’

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