“TRUSS UP will be a pathbreaking project”: Abhishek Basu

Anando Sangbad Live:As we are at Unlock phase, and slowly resuming our work, entertainment industry is not far behind, film maker and internationally acclaimed music director and world percussionist Abhishek Basu, has directed a Hindi short film,produced by Mr. Hemant Marda, a known social entrepreneur. This film has an interesting name “TRUSS UP”, which means to tie up someone firmly, so that the person cannot move.The film will be releasing soon under the banner of La Pelicula Motion Pictures headed by Ayanjit sen.

This unique concept designed by Abhishek himself,has also the story, screenplay and music direction done by him. The Associate direction and dialogue has been written by Tejas Gandhi ,who is himself a well-known fashion designer and has also done the costume and styling in the film. Faiz Khan is the executive Producer.

The most challenging part of the film was to shoot inside an unfinished construction building, where a girl was tied up with a chair all alone for a day. This charactor has been portrayed by Aliviya Mukherjee, who has done an excellent work with suttle expression changes and a different style of body acting.
The Cinematography of the film is done by Subhasish Mondal and editing ,post production by Susanta Chakraborty. The background score has a very important role to play in this film, and Abhishek has put extra effort in composing the music. The music arrangement by Sudip Goswami deserves special mention.
Abhishek says – ” this will be a pathbreaking project specially shooting it in West Bengal with an absolute different storyline, never tried before in this part of the country. This story revolves round the SIXTH SENSE of Sanjana played by Aliviya, where she finds her closest girl friend in the same place and in the same bad shape, what she has seen in her dream. I will not reveal the entire story now, as am sure you all will miss the thrill if I do so.”
We are sure that this film will be going to change the outlook of cinema in coming months, having already nominated in 5 international film festivals round the globe, including the prestigious ROME INTERNATIONAL PRISMA AWARDS (Italy), INDO AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF WORLD CINEMA, DIRECT MONTHLY ONLINE FILM FESTIVAL (USA) and many other results still expected.

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