Shaan Music presents puja song ‘Kadam Tolay Ke?’

✍️By Special Correspondent

Once again, call of a pre-Puja gift and this surprise is going to keep you on your toes. Popular singer and composer, Shaan brings you an amorous dance song. The announcement of the song was hosted in the esteemed presence of Singer Shaan, Singer June Banerjee, popular actress of Bengal Trina Saha and lyricist Rajib Chakraborty at the famous location Burdhman Rajbari, where films like Pariniti, Piku have been shot earlier.

The song has been composed by Shaan and sung as a duet by Shaan and June Banerjee and the lyrics have been very cleverly injected by lyricist Rajib Chakraborty. The song is Directed & Producer Shakya Roy Choudhury, DOP- Apratim Dutta, Choreographer -Pratim Roy.

The announcement of song is being done keeping the puja festivity enjoyment in mind. Shaan himself has featured in the video alongside Trina Saha which is being shot at Rajbari, New Alipore. It’s a story of two interior designers, the boy who’s very conventional while the girl who is modern and western in her approach. As both are interior designers, a family of Rajbari decided to go with the fusion of traditional and western. So, there begins a fun banter between both the sides while the boy is also seen slyly flirting with the girl.

At the music announcement, Shaan, Composer & Singer said, “This is an exceptional video as the song will be a gift of before puja. On the occasion of this auspicious festival, we are delighted to announce the song. The song has pulsating live rhythms and an addictive chorus and will be a full entertaining dance song. We are very excited and overwhelmed for the release of this song. We hope that we get love from the audience and the blessing of Maa Durga to make this song a super-duper hit.”

Trina too sounded really enthusiastic about her release. “We hope that we will be able to give our audience a beautiful joyride, and we can make this song trending as well.”

The music video is going to launch on 26th September 2022.

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