Discovering the Composer Satyajit

September 21, Kolkata: The iconic filmmaker Satyajit Ray is too well known to the world, but composer Satyajit may still be much lesser known to many of us. It is time for us to discover the music composer Satyajit Roy through the pen of acclaimed lyricist Debajyoti Mishra. “Composer Satyajit-Swara, Sur and Chitrabhash ” written by Debajyoti Mishra was formally released at the St. Xavier’s College Auditorium on 21st September’22.

On this occasion the author Debajyoti Mishra said, “While working as a violinist on Satyajit Roy’s outdoor music floor, I fell in love with the amazing orchestration and arrangement by Ray of the song “ Eki Labonnye Purna Praan, an immortal Tagore tune. From that point on Ray remained a lifelong attraction to the roots of inspirational emotions. “

He added, “Ofcourse the genesis of this book took its roots from the sets of “Ghaire Baire”, one of Ray’s later day classics and today the dream came a full circle with the publication of the book today.”

This year marks the birth centenary of Satyajit Ray and this year itself I could realise my dream of publishing the book courtesy the massive support of Dey’s publishing. This is literally the “Pather Pnachali” of composer Satyajit”.

To christen Satyajit Ray’s talent as versatile is an understatement. The dexterity in the use of music in the realm of the film is the primary focus of this book. He had a complete mastery over Hindustani classical as well as the Western Classical and strode with amazing finesse and he understood that use of instruments was not enough to strike a chord with the audience but the maker had to widen the horizons for the audience to understand and internalize the frames of the maker. The book enlightens the readers on the hitherto unknown facet of an honest and earnest Ray baring his thoughts to his co composers.

On the occasion of Satyajit Ray’s birth centenary, Debajyoti Mishra published the book “Composer Satyajit – Swara, Sur and Chitrabhash ” as a tribute to him. This book has been published by Dey’s Publishers. Every movie buff and Ray follower is extremely optimistic, hopeful and looking forward to reading the book. The author along with Fr Dr. Dominic Savio, Shamik Bandyopadhyay, Debashis Mukherjee, Sanjay Mukherjee, Aneek Dutt and Jeetu Kamal was present at the book release ceremony, among others. He expresses his gratitude to all for making the event a great success.

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