Padmini Dutta Sharma’s ‘Never say No to Love’ hits the International market with a bang

✍️By Special Correspondent

Padmini Dutta Sharma, is an internationally famed Indian born multilingual, multi genre author and poet based in Washington, with 11 books of different genres available worldwide. Her twelfth book ‘Never say NO to LOVE’ is has hit the global market with a bang; more than 100 copies sold on the first day itself. From being a best selling author and recipient of various literary awards, Sharma is also a Short Film maker, a world class Corporate trainer, a Columnist, an Editor, a social Counsellor, a Motivational speaker, a Philanthropist, and a Life Coach.
Her 12th child, ‘Never say No to Love’ has Twelve unique stories where each protagonist fight their own battle to emerge victorious in the end. Padmini strongly believes Love has the unique magical quality of creating music, changing lives and spreading sunshine. Love need not be requited all the time, according to Sharma; unrequited love emancipates the soul and creates enriching memories for life. Having naturally imbibed this trait of scribbling her thoughts randomly since her infancy, Sharma accords her entire success in each sphere, be it emotional or financial to her only son Parthasarathi. It is he who has set her fully free from the clutches and nitty gritty of social compulsions to soar higher and achieve her dreams.
There was a time in her life when Padmini was suffering from acute depression after the demise of her father; it was her husband Bhaskar who held her hand tight after gathering the shattered pieces and joining them one by one to give her a new lease of life.
In the year 2012 her debut book ‘Spice up your Marriage’ was published by Amazon USA to receive worldwide acclaim which was followed by Eleven more blockbusters every year. Be it her poetry books – ‘Uncensored Revelations’, ‘Sensual love poems’, ‘Half baked love’, ‘Glass splinters’, or her novels, ‘The eternal quest’, ‘Legitimately illegitimate’, or her short story collections, ‘5 Hot sizzlers’, ‘Truly yours’, or her non fictions, ‘ How to become best parents’, ‘Sleeping with the arch rivals’; her multi segmented readers are floored by her array of emotions and spectrum of thoughts.
The unique quality about her writing is, though they are a bit raw, candid, uncensored and asymmetric; they are mostly shrouded in mystery, soaked with mysticism and dipped in high voltage romance, sans ambiguity.
Ending up in bitter experiences with Indian publishers, she finally chose to go with Amazon, and is elated today on having made the right choice; she strongly recommends Amazon to every writer; old or new.
As a short film maker she not only writes her own scripts and dialogues, she derives immense pleasure by delving deep into the psyche of her characters and driving forth her message to the viewers directly by directing her films personally.
Padmini, a philanthropist, is actively associated with many NGO’s that relentlessly work towards betterment of society and human lives. Sharma believes in giving back love and light to the society by organizing free seminars and workshops for the less privileged, and also by organizing food, shelter and occupation for them.
The reason for her popularity with her readers irrespective of their age and gender is their instantaneous connectivity with the content and characters.

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