Padmini Dutta Sharma’s 15th book released

✍️By Special Correspondent

‘Virtues I imbibed from my son’, is sort of an autobiography of Padmini Dutta Sharma, dedicated to her only son Parthasarathi – a mother’s acknowledgement about her son’s immense contribution in emancipating and enlightening her and gifting her with a new lease of life. In this book, Padmini has penned how she emerged victorious after a series of trials and tribulations by virtue of her son. According to Padmini, ‘this book is a piece of my heart, capturing moments and incidents that could end my cerebral life prematurely had it not been for my son, who held my hand, tight and strong ever since he was a kid.’

Today the superbly talented internationally famed, multi genre writer attributes her every success to her son by penning her journey with him ever since he was a kid. It was their unfailing emotional bonding that helped them emerge as beautiful human beings. Every parent and child should enjoy and assimilate the bonding that is so rare and phenomenal , ‘today my son has created a happier version of me where I stand tall by dint of his inner light.’
Having realized his mother’s vulnerability and proneness to exploitation, he took on himself the onus of being her since his infancy and the author confesses proudly how her son changed her from a caterpillar into a butterfly.

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