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It is common knowledge that the two single largest reasons that take a person to a doctor are either fever or pain. There is no species on this planet that endears pain voluntarily. So whether it is body ache, headache or heartache, we never want pain to be a part of our world. It is this universal consumer truth that drives brand KWIK – the fast relief painkiller. It is a scientifically developed and research-backed formulation that brings relief, which is not just longer lasting, but also quicker; hence the name KWIK.
The molecular structure of KWIK Pain Relieving Oil helps it penetrate deeper in the tissues and therefore work faster. This modern technology has been blended with the three classical, Ayurvedic Oils – Vishgarbh, Brihatmas and Mahanarayan – trusted since centuries for their superior pain relief efficacy.
With the power of these oils, KWIK is a potent formulation highly effective in back pain, joint pain, shoulder and neck pains. It is safe and suitable for adults in all age-brackets.
As a brand KWIK is committed towards reducing pain for everyone and creating a pain-free world for all. So while the product promises to eradicate the physical pain, the brand pledges to contribute, through various initiatives, towards mitigating pain from the world around us.
On the occasion of the launch of KWIK pain relieving oil, Mr. SC Sehgal, CMD, Ozone Group, makers of KWIK said, “No matter what is the condition of the patient, doctors always make an effort to reduce the pain. It shows that how important pain management and relief are. Ozone Group, has devoted a large part of its research capabilities in this field, starting with our well- established brand D.F.O. With KWIK, we are offering yet another high-efficacy solution for pain.”
As a special initiative, Ozone Group also announced the dedicated helpline number 7070707020 for patients looking for remedies or treatment of pain. The makers also plan to add more formats of KWIK, like liniment, cream, tablets, to the portfolio for management of wider varieties of pain.

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