Monami is coming up with new music video Vitamin M!

✍️By Ramiz Ali Ahmed

This time Monami Ghosh is all set to start a new journey of her career . It is needless to say that, Monami’s acceptance as an actor and dancer is huge among the audience. But now apart from dance and acting she is all set to release her first song (music video single sung by Monami herself)!

This music video will celebrate Monami’s bebut as a singer . She is also starting her own production with the release. The music video will tell the audience a fancy story, which has inspiration, joy, celebration and much beyond. The music video is directed and choreographed by Saikat Baruri, while Emjoy has worked as the cinematographer , the song is composed by Mac Mallar, and the lyrics are written by Somraj.

Along with the song, which has got a different texture due to Monami’s Sonorous voice, she will be seen in a new avatar in the video too. While speaking about the music video, Monami said, “All vitamins have some benefits. Vitamin M is actually a vitamin to make our soul feel better. People are asking me, is there such a thing called vitamin M? And the answer is, We have to wait until the release to know the details. This music video will mark a host of new beginning. I have recorded a song for the very first time for this music video, although I feel more comfortable calling myself a performer altogether. Through this music video, Saikat and my dream of producing became true. This music video will show a dream adventure that will inspire many. The type of set used in the music video, as well as the light used, is also very experimental. We have worked hard to produce this music video in a grand manner. I hope the viewers will enjoy.”
Monami’s music video Vitamin M is going to be released on 6th of July.

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