‘Manche Pherar Gaan’ – A Call to Musicians as They Return to Their Stage

Anando Sangbad Live : Popular Indian singer Gourab Sarkar (who had been a Runner-up to the Saregamapa 2019) released his latest Bengali music video titled ‘Manche Pherar Gaan’ dedicated to all musicians of India who will be returning to their stage after a 6-month hiatus due to Covid-19 restrictions.
From 25th March 2020 onwards India went into a nationwide lockdown due to Covid-19 pandemic and since then mass gathering restrictions on all cultural activities were prohibited, including music performances nationwide. Now six months later under the phase of Unlock 4, from 21st September onwards, the Government of India has allowed musical concerts, gatherings etc. with a limitation of 100 people in a socially distanced environment. Therefore, a lot of musicians across the country will breathe an air of relief and return to their passion and profession.
It is a known fact that as the pandemic struck across the globe, the music industry went into a state of upheaval, especially smaller artists and labels. Musicians were heard to be selling off their prized musical instruments in order to pay off their family dues. Therefore, in a heart touching video, the song Manche Pherar Gaan requests all those deprived musicians to come back to their place of passion with their head held high.
Gourab Sarkar, who has voiced this melodious song went on to say: “This song is dedicated to all those musicians across the world who had to stay away from the stage due to the sudden outbreak of the pandemic. Some small-time musicians were heard of selling their musical instruments for survival while others had allegedly resorted to unconventional professions like selling vegetables, groceries etc. Now 6 months later when the Government of India has allowed a gathering of 100 people from 21st September 2020 onwards, I wanted to call out to all those forgotten heroes to come back to their stage of passion with pride. There has been no song yet showing the plight of these suffering souls and I’m sure this music video will echo the inner feelings of every musician in this country”
The music video has been shot across exemplary locations of West Bengal such as Singur, Chandanangar, Bhadreswar and in an around the Ganges following the guidelines and SOP of Covid-19. While shooting, the entire unit distributed masks etc. among the local people to ensure everyone was safe. The song and music recording like the percussion, drums, guitar etc were all done from the home studio of the musicians.
Manche Pherar Gaan, has been produced by the music band ‘Gourab and Guyz’. Composed and sung by Gourab Sarkar, the cinematography has been done by Prasanta Kumar Sur, Sourav Bairagi, Sourav Bubun Das, Hitesh, Swarup Das and video direction and editing by Prasanta Kumar Sur.
The song was released on 18th September 2020 on the Youtube channel of Gourab Sarkar.

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