Gourab Sarkar’s Pujo Special Song “O Dugga Thakur” Released

✍️By Special Correspondent

Singer Gourab Sarkar of Saregamapa fame, releases his original Pujo Special song “O Dugga Thakur” on 7th October. The song is sung, composed and written by Gourab himself. The music arrangement is done by Suvam Moitra and rhythm was of Bunti. The Creative poster was designed by Neel. The whole video is shot across Purulia by Prasanta Kumar Sur and his team.

The video was shot in different villages of purulia, near Ayodhya pahar, waterfalls and other such places. It features not only the landscapes of Purulia but also the people who live there and their folk cultures. It includes the famous Chau naach and also gives us a glimpse of the Korom festival too.

“We had planned to shoot something different. We are going through difficult times, we as entertainers wanted to entertain the audience, make them happy and bring a smile on their face” said Gourab.

The motto of Gourab is to do away with the existing hardships and make people happy during Pujo through his new original track.

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