Leading German Brand Hacker Enters Kolkata for Customized Solutions in Modular Kitchen

✍️By Ramiz Ali Ahmed

  • Hacker to provide perfect kitchen solutions
  • Bollywood actress Riya Sen was present to inaugurate the store

German Brand Hacker has launched its exclusive store in Kolkata to provide Customized Solutions in Modular Kitchen. The store is located at 42B Diamond Harbour Road, Kolkata-700027. Bollywood actress Riya Sen was present to inaugurate the store. The brand aims to provide perfect kitchen solutions in the city. Capt. Mukesh Gombar, CMD, Hacker India, was present to address the media.

Häcker Küchen GmbH & Co. KG has been producing modular kitchens in Germany since 1898at their central manufacturing facility covering an area of 3,15,000 sq. mts. located at Rodinghausen, in Germany. Hacker annual turn-over in 2019 was 616million Euros and supplies kitchen world over from their manufacturing facility from Germany only. Häcker produces kitchens that fulfill the highest standards in terms of quality, functionality durability and using the most modern fully automated computer controlled state-of-the-art production machines to produce perfect modular kitchen systems.

Hacker has a global presence of being in 67 countries apart from the EU covering the Middle East, Asia & south East Asia, Far East & Pacific.

Hacker offers customize modular kitchens for every segment–ranging from low-end to mid–segment and top–end. Their strength is in their continued research & development to keep pace with the latest technologies. From Hacker every single kitchen is customized to fit any space within their standard cabinetry system.

Häcker offers a range of 163 different options in material surfaces, colors & styles available to choose from. The variety of finishes-laminates, high gloss laminates, veneer, solid wood and lacquer paint in matt and high gloss ,surfaces ,while give the clients a plenty of option to mix & match these option to design their kitchen. From Häcker, every single kitchen is customized to fit any space within their standard cabinetry system which can have millions of permutations to suit just your unique working style, family needs and functionality!

The materials used in producing the kitchen modules are very carefully chosen to be of the highest quality standards available within Germany. The base materials used in the cabinetry production are a combination of very high density, real wood chips boards and HDF materials duly treated to be termite resistant.

Häcker currently produces 900 kitchens per day in one 8 hours working shift which comprises of 10000 car cases per day in five days a week. Hacker only operates one shift a day and has the capacity to triple their production any time. It is for this reason that they supplies world over from their centralized German production facility. The total human labour element in Häcker production is only 9 % because of which their quality and precision is unmatched.

Hacker provides 5 years guarantee and total warranty on their products against any manufacturing defects and backup after-sales service is easily available for maintenance and repair or replacement of all moving parts subjected to normal wear and tear or breakages. Hacker has the RAL quality seal of approval for tested safety and quality management of its systems, which is certified in accordance with DIN ISO-9001 certification. Every single part/materials used in Hacker Production carry DIN certification (DIN in German standards as equivalent to ISI standards in India but more stringent).

The Hacker brand was brought to India by Kanu Kitchen Kulture Pvt. Ltd. in 2004 being the sole India dealer and have already setup their exclusive showrooms in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Kochi, Coimbatore, Chennai, Ludhiana, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Indore while the newest being Calcutta and Patna to follow shortly. The company is planning to setup more stores in Cities like Raipur & Lucknow in the near future says Capt. Mukesh Gombar, CMD, Hacker India.

Häcker is Quality

An innovative laser glueing of Edge Bonding is a Technology for not just the fronts, but also carcases and surrounding materials with PUR-bonding making your kitchen completely tropicalized (a claim unique to Häcker in the kitchen industry).

Häcker is Sustainable:

All Häcker wooden materials are even further reduced from use of Formaldehyde, therefore making your kitchen practically emission free allowing you to feel safe from cancer causing fumes commonly seen in locally used wooden materials like a ply board and marine ply.

Price for kitchen solely depends on the size of a kitchen, finishes and the type of modules, however, as a benchmark a good workable kitchen with adequate storage for a room size of 8’ X 10’ could start around Rs 4.5 Lacs plus GST and upwards duly covering all freight and import duties. We do not levy any installation cost within the city limits.

Häcker Strength

o Endless Flexibility

o Environment Friendly

o Exemplary eye-catching designs with stylish functionality.

o Excellent German quality with perfect harmony.

o Unmatched durability.

o Value for money.

Hacker Kitchen German Made,is not just a claim but a Commitment.

Hacker Exclusive showrooms in India:












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