Kitchen Appliances Giant Comes Forward To Motivate School Kids To Watch Bengali Films And Stay Connected To Their Roots

  • 20 top schools from kolkata have enrolled for this cine-drive by kutchina,in association with inifd lindsay street

Anando Sangbad Live:When kolkata is witnessing a surge in the number of people going out to theatres to watch bengali movies in the last couple of months,kitchen appliances giant kutchina home makers private limited, comes forward to motivate school children and inculcate in them the habit of watching bengali films. this initiative iskule bioscope was conceived in 2017, and is having its official poster being released today at the INIFD Lindsay Street, this year’s associate sponsor’s sprawling campus. this initiative is planned to get today’s kids to watch curated movies, which will give them a strong sense of ‘Bangaliana’ and connect them with the rich heritage of bengali culture which is gradually on the wane.

There’s general consensus that despite bengali cinema’s glorious past, bengali cinema
viewership has ebbed over the years, gradually losing its popular resonance and contemporary relevance. most of the school students are currently having extremely low level bengali skills like poor comprehension, limited vocabulary, slow reading, grammatical
mistakes and lack of fluency in conversational skills. watching bengali movies can be
helpful for developing all these skills. movies use extensively cultural aspects.These are
also pre-requisite to increase proficiency in language skills.

Studies have also reported some advantages to the integration of movies into bengali language learning. movies can capture the students attention in the target language visual images, stimulate students perceptions directly. significant improvement of listening and speaking skills, along with vocabulary can be achieved watching the movies. also, the concept of joyful learning could be highly applicable through using movies as a learning material. in future movies could be played in the classroom as interactive teaching aid
from listening and speaking bengali.

On the occasion of the official poster release of this initiative, Mr. Namit Bajoria,managing director, kutchina home makers pvt. ltd. said, “I don’t know why, i’ve a strong connect with bengali movies. iskule bioscope is an extremely innovative initiative to bring back the lost treasures of Bengali culture, heritage and what better to pass it on to our progeny in the form of movies. today’s kids are always short of time with various activities,
and i’ve seen parents always in most cases conversing with their kids in english to create a
convention of mastering a global language that’ll help in future in pursuing a career. while,
all that’s true, we cannot neglect our roots; we should equally stay connected to our
mother language and learn it as a passion. hence, we decided to do something that’ll help
today’s kids to stay connected to their roots.”

According to the chief organiser, Mr. Kaushik Chakraborty, “I’d like to echo what Mr.
Bajoria has said. The mission of this event is indeed to create the future audience of
bengali films and our next generations should see to get up close with our culture and
traditions. To live up to the enthusiasm of the students, we’ve a plethora of films related
with adventures and excitement in this season of iskule bioscope. From July 14, 2022
onwards, we’re going to screen ‘Sabuj Dwiper Raja’, ‘Phatik Chand’, ‘Goopi Bagha Phire Elo’,
‘Patalghar’, adventures of ‘Jojo,’ ‘Dudhpither Gachh’, ‘Ladakh Chale Rickshawala’, and Charaibeti in
twenty schools, till august 14, 2022.”

This initiative called Iskule Bioscope was conceived in 2017, and is having its official poster being released today at the inifd lindsay street campus. apart from screening
movies to school students, the organisers will conduct interactive sessions for the
students, and make them read, write and think in bengali. there’ll be instant quiz contests,question-answer sessions, games,debates and many more.

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