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‘Bengali’ and ‘love for food’ are synonymous – the connection goes deep in our culture and history. With the lockdown, people of Bengal had rediscovered this bond and their love for various home-made food had seen a newer dimension. Common People, small-scale entrepreneurs and volunteers came forth during the pandemic, to help people and their families affected by COVID by delivering home-made food. There are a number of home-grown social media bloggers from the remotest parts of Bengal, who have become immensely popular by showcasing their culinary skills.

On the on-set of winter, Star Jalsha celebrates this food-connection of Bengal through the brand-new quirky fiction show ‘Khukumoni Home Delivery’. It is the story of a simple girl, Khukumoni who is an orphan raised by her aunt and uncle. Khukumoni is a strong, independent, fearless woman who runs her cooking and home delivery service called Khukumoni Home Delivery all be herself. Her culinary skills are exceptionally good, and she can improvise to create new tasty recipes with whatever simple ingredients that are available to her in her limited means.

With this new show, Bengali Entertainment is going to get a new icon of entertainment – who is quirky, resolute, talented, entertaining and has immense presence of mind. Her way of talking and dealing with life situations will make the character even more lovable.

Khukumoni supports her family by delivering a variety of intrinsically Bengali recipes to her clients. Her life changes when she comes across a customer, who gives her a challenging task to feed one of the family members. Khukumoni happily accepts the challenge and sets on her new task, only to discover that that member is a mentally unstable man, who at times becomes angry and unmanageable. Will Khukumoni be able to deliver on her promise and feed this person every day? Where is life going to take her and what are the challenges that await her in her journey? The drama unfolds on Star Jalsha at 6:30 pm on 1st Nov.

The role of Khukumoni is being played by Dipanwita Rakshit and the role of the mentally unstable person is portrayed by Rahul Majumdar.

The show is being produced by Blues. Snehasish Chakraborty, the Producer said that – “The Character Khukumoni is an independent girl who has immense passion for cooking. She runs her own home delivery service by delivering homemade food to the needy irrespective of their economic status. She is so talented that she can cook something very delicious and innovative with any ingredient, in fact she possesses a huge love and care for every ingredient used in cooking. Cooking is not only her hobby or her job, but something that makes her complete, I’m sure our viewers are going to love the character”.

Speaking on this occasion, channel spokesperson said that, “Khukumoni Home Delivery celebrates Bengal’s emotion for food through a quirky romantic drama. The upcoming twists and turns of the story are sure to add a whole lot of spices, in our otherwise mundane lives.”

Watch Khukumoni Home Delivery from 1st Nov onwards mon to Friday 6:30 pm only on Star Jalsha SD and Star Jalsha HD.

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