Karatekar Premjit Sen, as the first Bengali becomes an ‘A’ Grade Referee & Judge of Kumite and Kata in the World Karate Federation

Kolkata, 25 November 2021: The President of Karate-Do Association of Bengal (KAB), Premjit Sen deservingly got promoted to the highest rank as an A Grade Referee & Judge of Kumite and Kata respectively in World Karate Federation (WKF). He has recently achieved this feat at the 26th World Karate Championship, which was held in Dubai from 16th to 21st November 2021.

Premjit is appropriately appointed as the Chairman of the Referee Commission of Karate India Organisation (KIO), which is the permanent member of WKF and the only authentic National Federation for the game of Karate in India. Around 370 examinees represented 117 countries in the prestigious WKF Referee & Judges Examination in Dubai this year. Premjit Sen came out with flying colours in the Examination and got promoted as an ‘A’ Grade Referee of WKF.

“I believe in hard work and truth, and thus, I am proudly standing here today. I would like to thank God and my family, who always stood beside me and sacrificed a lot to see me reach these heights”, said Hanshi Premjit Sen after his results were declared. From an administrator to a coach, Premjit has fulfilled all his duties diligently. Over the course of the years, Sen as a coach has produced numerous National and International champions. The international platforms include the championships organised by SAKF (South Asian Karate-do Federation), AKF (Asian Karate Federation), Commonwealth Games, and WKF (World Karate Federation).

It is due to the effort of KAB under the leadership of Premjit Sen, Karate is counted as one of the most popular sports played in West Bengal now. Especially among women, Karate has become extremely popular as a measure of self-defence. He also organises several tournaments of international standards so that the Bengal athletes can get exposure to the championships of WKF. KAB also organises webinars by Ex-World champions free of cost for the players to attend.

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