“Bengal Weaves” Saree by Roshni Mukherjee

✍️By Special Corresspondent
A dilemma faced by a Bengali woman before any party is to select the perfect traditional saree suitable for an occasion from the huge number of options available to her.
It is common to see an array of Baluchori, Dhakai, Tant, Kantha, etc. sarees laid on the bed as she freaks with confusion on which one to drape. A traditional Bengali occasion demands a traditional Bengali saree. 
Roshni Mukherjee, a designer based in London, and the owner of the brand- Myosutra wished that she could wear all her favourites to any such occasion. She thus came up with a solution to this dilemma.
Roshni’s recently launched ‘Bengal Weaves’ saree, is an ensemble and a true representation of Bengal, on both sides of the border.
The saree is a chic combination of Baluchori from Bishnupur, Dhakai from Dhaka, Kantha from Bolpur, Batik, Tant, and Gamcha from the traditional weavers of Bengal.
Roshni said: “I wanted to pay my gratitude to all the traditional weavers of Bengal who have enriched our culture through the centuries. This saree is an Ode to Bengali weavers.”
The blend of weave and design flows smoothly across the saree creating a lucid visual symphony. The colours are traditional soft tones which give the saree a soothing finishing.
The pallu or anchal deserves a special mention with its heavy flow of design giving the saree a perfect balance to the ensemble that it represents.
The saree is sure to give many a cutting edge at every party and is bound to turn a few heads.

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