Joint action plan to prevent human trafficking and combat gender based violence

Path Welfare Society in association with the BSF, Khandua Post and the Bilbora Kopra Gram Panchayat demonstrated their commitment today once again through a joint action plan to prevent human trafficking and combat gender based violence. They have pledged to be monitors in the community for the BSF and the local government.

The youth group, the Gram Panchayat Pradhan along with other members of Bilbora Kopra GP- and the Khandua Post, BSF will meet on a regular basis to review and assess the situation to ensure that communities and people are protected.
Path Welfare Society has been working in the district of Murshidabad since 2010 and has been instrumental in empowering children, women and young people to protect themselves from becoming victims of various forms of violence and injustice. Path’s work at the International border of India and Bangladesh has been extremely valuable to the local government and non-government stakeholders. Path has been responsible for the formation and facilitation of over 48 VLCPCs (Village level child protection committees) in Murshidabad district. Path’s dynamic youth group members have been a great support to their local gram Panchayats and communities by reporting violations of protection issues.

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