HRD India Award 2021

✍️By Special Correspondent

We love the poignant words  “At the very core of our humanity is our care for one another. Heartfelt appreciation provides sustenance for another day, especially in turbulent times.” In the middle of a global pandemic, how we try to stay motivated is a main factor and appreciation can be one of the cardinal solution.

HRD India want to rejoice and bring the city of joy the same experience that he has been delivering for the last 4 years in various city and countries like Mumbai, Bangladesh.

This year also HRD India and his team are going to appreciate the pandemic warriors silent horses who has mark their achievements during this crises time be it social leaders, business leader, corporate leaders,philanthropist,unsung heroes from different arena.

The gratitude we show is a constant reminder to them that they are making a difference — a difference they may not realize they are making while in the throes of crises time and too few resources that have become all too common during the pandemic.

Chairman of HRD India also profound gratitude to the entire team for  an exemplary work and he extends his kind words to all saying that “it wouldn’t be possible without the assistance of countless people who help prepare ahead of time, work during the event itself, and post the event and so many people have contributed in so many ways to turn this event a eminent one.

I Dr. Siddhartha Pandey(CEO-HRD India) want to appreciate The Economic times personally for associating with us for this gala event and becoming a partner.I sincerely appreciate ET’s efficient and gracious level of cooperation which results in best outcomes of this event. Plus to all those who are associated with the HRD India event be it my colleagues , sponsors, my counterparts.I thank the ET team that our grand gala event will be a memorable one that establishes our reputation as the hottest new”go to” spot in the community.

Pictures: Biswajit Saha 

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