GIA Shares How Research-Based Gemmological Education is the Key to Skilled Workforce in the Indian Gem and Jewellery Industry

  • Apoorva Deshingkar, Sr. Director – Sales, GIA India spoke at the 3rd ICC Gems and Jewellery Summit 2021 at Hotel Taj Bengal, Kolkata

Anando Sangbad Live: The ICC Gems & Jewellery Summit 2021 is a highly-anticipated knowledge-sharing event for the Indian gems and jewellery industry. The third edition held on March 20 witnessed eminent speakers discussing transformation in the gems and jewellery industry, with engaging sessions on topics such as ‘Vision 2025 – Local, Vocal & Global’, ‘Honouring the Karigars’, ‘Diamond and Platinum – Trust, Transparency and Consumer Focus’, among others. Apoorva Deshingkar, Sr. Director – Sales, GIA India, held the keynote address.

In Mr. Deshingkar’s keynote address to leaders of the Indian gem and jewellery, he shared that research-based gemmological education was the key to skilled workforce in the gem and jewellery industry. Speaking at the summit, organised by the Indian Chamber of Commerce at Hotel Taj Bengal, Kolkata, Mr. Deshingkar also spoke about the need for the Indian gem and jewellery industry to pursue more collaborative opportunities among various stakeholders.

“The Indian gem and jewellery industry is a unique mix of traditional craftsmanship and new-age technology, meaning the need for skilled workforce is important now more than ever,” said Mr. Deshingkar. “Businesses need to infuse young talent from within the families as well as the large talent pool available to them.” He further added, “GIA has been the premier choice of education for young students and professionals seeking a career in the gem and jewellery industry or expanding their family businesses. Our education teaches the latest knowledge and time-tested skills using cutting-edge research and technology, while instilling a sense of professionalism and integrity to prepare them to operate at the highest ethical and professional standards.”

A world leader in gemmology education, GIA offers globally-recognised credentials with a comprehensive curriculum covering diamonds, coloured stones, pearls, jewellery design, merchandising and more. Fuelled by the research done in GIA’s world-class laboratories, the education division translates in-depth knowledge into practical skills to teach and train the next generation of jewellery leaders and professionals. To learn more about GIA educational programmes in India, call 022 68493960 or visit

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About GIA India
GIA India Laboratory Private Limited (‘GIA India’) is an independent subsidiary of the Gemological Institute of America, Inc. (‘GIA’). Established in 1931, GIA is recognised as the world’s foremost authority in gemmology. GIA invented the famous 4Cs of Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight and, in 1953, created the International Diamond Grading System™ which is recognised around the world as the standard for diamond quality.

Through research, education, gemmological laboratory services and instrument development, the Institute is dedicated to ensuring the public trust in gems and jewellery by upholding the highest standards of integrity, academics, science and professionalism. All of GIA’s activities are governed by its mission to serve the public. Visit or

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