Teachers’ Day Celebration at Techno India Group of Schools

Kolkata, 8th September, 2022: Techno India Group Public Schools Nabagram, Konnagar, Bakurghat, Garia, Ariadaha & Guptipara celebrated the Teachers’ Day on 5th of September, 2022 with great pomp and grandeur. The program was organized by the students of classes XII.

The schools begin there day with a special morning assembly followed by the Teachers’ Day program. The pro- gram started with Tilak ceremony by the students. The programmes started with lighting up of the candles and cake cutting ceremony. A plethora of phenomenal performances, like Western dance, mashup songs were staged by the students of class XI and XII and, following this, a powerpoint presentation exhibited by the students.

Students along with the teachers organized different cultural activities. Students prepared the Invitation Card for the Teachers. Students conducted the classes & Disciplinary part looked after by them. Teachers organized the special assembly to honour the memory of Dr. S Radhakrishnan.

Students organized the Cultural program like Cake cutting ceremony, music and dance performances Games for the teachers, Blind fold throw ball in the basket and also a Cricket Tournament.

The students also visited Radha studio, Tollygunge to enjoy the movie ‘Lokkhi Chele’ directed by Mr. Kaushik Ganguly. The film portrays a dark side of our society where in the midst of superstitions, only religion that stands steadfast is humanity.

The Techno India Group of Schools, Guptipara distributed kit containing drawing copy, pencil box, sketch pen, crayons and story books to 25 orphan students of Vivekananda Orphanage at Adisaptagram, Hooghly from their Teacher’s Day fund.

The programs ended with the distribution of hand-made gifts by the students for all the staff mem- bers. The entire program ended on a happy note.

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