Festive Season Begins at the Newly Launched Aranya at Bhawanipore

Kolkata, December 19, 2023: As winter paints Kolkata with a cool embrace, Aranya, the beloved brand synonymous with handcrafted elegance and conscious living, unveils its second chapter in a charming heritage mansion at 41, Harish Mukherjee Road marking it’s 25th year. Owned by Chandani Basu is operational from Tuesday to Sunday, 11 am to 8 pm.

Free-flowing garments in modern, vibrant silhouettes dance alongside Bengal’s pride: handloom, Jamdani, and Aranya’s own signature block prints. Walls glow with the intricate beauty of the brand’s hand-painted ceramics, each piece whispering a story in its soothing beige and brown palette. Responding to changing trends, Aranya introduces “dinner for two” sets, charming dinnerware designed for cozy couples’ evenings.

And for those seeking solace in nature, lush curtains adorned with matching bedcovers and cushions bring the outdoors in, while lamps crafted from mixed media cast artistic shadows on serene walls.

The newly designed space is more than a retail outlet; it’s an experiential journey. Antiques, curios collected over the years, and items sourced from dusty stores and dark alleys, combined with products from a dedicated design team, transform this Aranya outlet into a haven for inspiration. While most items are available for purchase, some are curated specifically for viewing pleasure, encouraging visitors to recreate peaceful corners in their own homes.

Wander through the store, and you’ll find every corner draped in the joyful Christmas vibe without contributing to mindless consumption. The team at Aranya has masterfully blended tradition and innovation to create a decor that resonates with the spirit of the season while embracing a mindful and eco-conscious ethos.

Chandoni Basu, the visionary owner of Aranya, shares her perspective on the new outlet, stating, “It is not that difficult to fill our homes with the same, joyful Christmas vibe without contributing to unmindful consumption. At the Aranya Concept Store in Sati Sadan, we have been environmentally friendly, sustainable, and ethical with our Christmas themed decor. The team got together to make stars and flowers using newsprint, handmade paper, and jute sticks, everything sourced from our homes or the local vendor.”

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