East India’s biggest running festival, the Tata Steel Kolkata 25K 2022, celebrated Sport, Art & Giving in Kolkata

Kolkata: East India’s biggest running festival, the Tata Steel Kolkata 25K 2022, celebrated Sport, Art & Giving in Kolkata. IDFC FIRST Bank also supported the event in raising INR 19.37 lakh for charitable causes. TSK 25K is the only World Athletics Elite Label 25K road race in the world and this edition of the event was ushered in with Notun Josh. TSK 25K is etched in the city’s ethos and has become one of the most-awaited events on the city’s sporting calendar, bringing together 15,000+ in a festival of oneness, healthy living and inspiring the joy of giving.

Chanakya Chaudhary, Vice President-Corporate Services, Tata Steel, said, “The seventh edition of TSK 25K ushered in Notun Josh for the 15,000+ runners from the City of Joy. The event helped raise INR 19.37 lakh for charity. Signature events such as our marathons and other sporting activities are infused with our deep-rooted corporate philosophy, one that embraces the spirit of encouragement and adopts initiatives aimed at patronising sporting pursuits in society. Hence, the Art for Sports initiative has motivated the art fraternity in Kolkata to nurture another form of art…the one that involves giving! As a Company, we intend to continue this noble cause, going forward.”

Naarayan TV, CMO, IDFC FIRST Bank, said, “Marathons have steadily gained popularity over the years and IDFC FIRST Bank has been proudly associated with marathons across the country as they align with one of the Bank’s core pillars of Social Good. The Tata Steel Kolkata 25K celebrates the enthusiasm of the City of Joy by bringing together people and NGOs on the same platform. IDFC FIRST Bank partners with programs across education, health, women empowerment, entrepreneurship, livelihood, and sanitization. With the Runners’ Pledge, IDFC FIRST Bank aims to enable marathoners support a cause close to their hearts. The larger association with a participative sport like the marathon represents the Bank’s commitment to inclusion across all levels.”

Distance Running & Philanthropy: Distance Running and philanthropy are indelibly linked, and over the years the TSK 25K has inspired the citizenry to go beyond oneself for the larger good. The successful seventh edition, ably supported by philanthropy partner United Way Kolkata, raised INR 19.37 lakh for charity, with a total of 22 NGOs taking part for a variety of causes. Eleven Corporate donor partners participated, while a clutch of inspiring Individuals also raising funds. An impressive turnout of 350 Corporate runners came together, to raise funds for the NGOs. Cause Neutrality, Transparency, Accountability & Sustainability are the principles of the Tata Steel Kolkata 25K’s philanthropy pillar. A docket has been published accounting for the funds raised and was unveiled by all the dignitaries present and Tata Steel.

Art for Sports: Instituted in 2014, this initiative has galvanized the art community in Kolkata in support of various causes at the Tata Steel Kolkata 25K, under the mentorship of renowned artist, the late Washim Kapoor. Every year, over 40 artists draw their rendition of what they see and feel at the finish line of the event. Culminating this year’s success, and as a tribute to the late Washim Kapoor, 25 artists brought alive the colours and spirit of Kolkata. Eminent painter and sculptor Debasish Mallick Choudhury curated the art. The special Art for Sports workshop was judged by Hon’ble MP & eminent painter Jogen Chowdhury, eminent painters Samir Aich and Sanatan Dinda and Debasish Mallick Choudhury. Achintya Bhattacharya, Arighna Saha and Moumita Dey were announced as the winners and received cash prizes of INR 50,000, INR 30,000 and INR 15,000 respectively.

NGOs: Highest Fundraising NGO: The Tata Medical Center (TMCT) – ₹ 7,00,000. 2nd Highest Fundraising NGO: Concern India Foundation – ₹ 5,00,000.
Change Maker: Highest Fundraising Individual: Subrata Barman – ₹ 76,722 for Trilochanpur Association for Development in Social Welfare.
Young Philanthropist: Highest Fundraising Youngsters: Anuska Prakash and Arjun Prakash – ₹ 36,000 for Future Hope Foundation.

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