Chennai Hospital Successfully Conducts Liver Transplantation on a 13-yr old Kidney Transplant Recipient

✍️By Special Correspondent

Master Sayak Chatterjee, the teenager from Kolkata in west Bengal the city got a new lease of life after he underwent a successful liver transplant at Rela Hospital, Chennai recently. The young boy was fighting for his life just over a month ago due to serious liver complications. He was referred to Rela Hospital, Chennai in a very serious condition, his liver was in such bad shape that it was affecting his overall body functioning including lungs and kidney.

He was suffering from a rare disorder that led to multiple cysts in the liver and Kidney leading to its damage over time. Master Sayak underwent a kidney transplant when he was 6 years of age. Recurrent infections coupled with Jaundice gradually worsened his condition leading to frequent hospital admissions for liver care. In view of recurrent hospital admission, he was unable to attend his schooling. At this point, he was referred to Rela Hospital, Chennai where it was diagnosed to be cirrhosis and portal hypertension (high pressure in the veins inside the abdomen). The family consulted with Dr. Naresh Shanmugam, Paedatiric Liver Specialist at Rela Hospital, Chennai. After detailed diagnosis study and evaluation by Dr. Naresh, the family was advised to meet Prof.Mohamed Rela in Chennai.

The parents came to Chennai for a liver transplant and consulted Prof. Prof.Rela reviewed on his condition and advised the family that the only cure for their problems would be a liver transplantation. He also told the family that the child would soon lead a normal life. After donor compatibility test, the parents were informed that they are not suitable for liver donation and Master Sayak was enrolled in the national cadaver organ donor Programme. After an agonizing six months of waiting, a match was found, and he received a liver transplant at Rela Hospital.

“While the initial period of recovery in ICU was complex for the boy, he recovered well. Also, This is a classic example of the power of organ donation to save lives. It clearly draws the attention to the fact that a healthy person can donate a part of their liver and kidney and more importantly save lives without suffering any harm to themselves too.”, said Prof.Rela

“After transplant, the boy is doing well and discharged from hospital after 11days of surgery. Along with complete resolution of his blood in vomiting, the child does no more has a troublesome infection in the new liver, and he is fit to get back to school “said Dr Naresh Shanmugam.

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