Book Launch of RISE UP: Only You Can Lift Yourself By: Sumit Bhatt

Kolkata, 20th November, 2023: “RISE UP: Only You Can Lift Yourself” is a guidebook that helps people become better in life. It has 16 chapters that talk about different things to make you stronger. This book was launched in Oxford Bookstore, Kolkata today afternoon by its very own author Sumit Bhatt and was attended by: Ms. Melinda Pavek, US, Consul General, East; Ms. Saira Shah Hakim, Author, Educator, Activist; Mr. Prasenjit Saha, Founder & Head Madame Cakes; Mr. Imran Zaki, President of FACES; Mr. Alok Goyal, Managing Director of BDG Group; Mr. Pawan Patodia, Principal Owner of Kolkata Thunderbolts & many other eminent personalities.

In the beginning, the book tells you that you can face any challenge. It teaches you about having a good attitude, thinking that you can learn and get better, and not thinking you can’t do things. The book shows you how to find your reason for living, what you like to do, and make goals that match your beliefs. It also helps you be strong inside and feel good about yourself and others.

It tells you that it’s important to have friends and people who can help you. It talks about working hard and being disciplined to get better. The book says that when things don’t go your way, it’s a chance to learn. When you do well, it’s good to celebrate and be happy. It also says to inspire others and not be afraid of changes. The book talks about being calm, talking to others, being creative, and being happy and thankful. It also says to be strong for a long time. “RISE UP” is a helpful book with real stories and ideas to help you grow in your personal and work life. It tells you to lift yourself up and be strong when life is hard. It wants you to face challenges with a smile and keep going.

About the Author: Sumit Bhatt is an enthusiastic business management personnel, Passionate entrepreneur & a compassionate human, who loves learning and helping others. He’s really good at running big businesses and has lots of experience in managing them. He’s very passionate about making the world a better place. An Executive MBA from the prestigious IIM Calcutta, he has proven track record of an enterprising leader.

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