“Bijoyar Pore” has received recognition as an “OFFICIAL SELECTION” at the upcoming 29th KOLKATA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL in Bengali Panorama section

In the directorial debut of Abhijit SriDas, “Bijoyar Pore” (Autumn Flies) unfolds as a captivating narrative that explores the profound themes of love, family ties, and reconnection, particularly during the festive season. This cinematic journey takes the audience on a heartfelt exploration of intricate family dynamics and the widening divide between generations. Against the vibrant backdrop of the world heritage festival of Durga Puja, the film eloquently highlights the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of love, transcending the boundaries of life and death. “Bijoyar Pore” ultimately serves as a poignant testament, compelling us to cherish our loved ones and the precious moments we share. The film distinguishes itself through its compelling storytelling, breathtaking cinematography, exceptional performances by nationally acclaimed actors, and heart-touching music.

Logline: “Bijoyar Pore” is a heartfelt saga delving into intricate family dynamics and the growing divide amidst generations. Set against the vibrant tapestry of Durga Puja, the film underscores the tenacity of the human spirit and the potency of love to transcend the boundaries of life and death. Ultimately, “Bijoyar Pore” stands as a poignant testament, reminding us to cherish our loved ones and the cherished instants we share.

Film Details:
Title: Bijoyar Pore (Autumn Flies)
Genre: Drama
Duration: 146 Minute
Language: Bengali
Director : Abhijit SriDas
Production: SR Jupiter Motion Pictures
Produced by: Sujit Kumar Raha

– Mamata Shankar
– Deepankar De
– Swastika Mukherjee
– Mir Afsar Ali
– Rwitobroto Mukherjee
– Padmanabha Dasgupta
– Bidipta Chakraborty.
– Animesh Bhaduri
– Miska Halim
– Kheya Chaatopadhay
– Tanika Basu
– Bimal Giri
_ Sampritee Ghatak

– Story, Screenplay & Direction- Abhijit SriDas
– Producer – Sujit Kumar Raha
– DOP –Supriyo Dutta
– MUSIC & Bgm -Ranojoy Bhattacharjee
– Edit – Anirban Maity
– Art Direction- Ranajit Ghorai
– Executive Producer- Prosenjit Sikdar | Agnishwar Basu
– Production- SR Jupiter Motion Pictures
– Singer : Lagnajita Chakraborty | Ishan Mitra | Ranojoy
Bhattacharjee| Shaoni Majumder
– Sound Designing – Ayan Bhattacharya & Abhik Chatterjee
– Colorist- Prosenjit Banerjee
_ Costume- Sandip Jaiswal & Abhishek Roy
_ Make Up- Prosenjit Banerjee

Additionally, it has been chosen as an “OFFICIAL SELECTION” for the 22nd DHAKA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL in the World Cinema section and is under consideration for several other international film festivals.

Director’s Statement:

In Bengali life, Durga Puja holds a special place, its ever-present emotions deeply rooted in the community. The composition of Shakta verses, based on ancient myths, features Agamani and Bijoya songs as key elements of the celebration. From myth to common life, parents become anxious for their daughters during autumn, and feelings of love, affection, and emotions become intertwined with our physical existence.
Our film captures the aspects of relationships that blend into daily life discussions, connections, culture, and life values. The essence of Durga Puja continues to impact and shape the lives of the Bengali people, reflecting a rich cultural heritage. The long-time pursuit of commercial endeavors forms a pattern of finding realities behind the scenes, veiled by silence that screams louder than words. In the search for such unspoken narratives, an earnest initiative was made not only to hear but to understand the significance of memories kept as treasures for posterity.
The words “Bijoyar Pore” encapsulate the story of a slice of life. The unsolicited sentiments and unheard voices are summarized and presented in the personas of characters like Aloka, Ananda, Mrinmoyee, and others, each proclaiming their individual aura. These elements culminate in the essence of my debut film, “Bijoya Pore” – Autumn Flies.

Director Bio : Abhijit Sridas, an accomplished Indian independent filmmaker, showcases a remarkable range of talents spanning independent cinema, screenwriting, production design, editing, and radio hosting. His debut work “Bijoyar Pore” (Autumn Flies), featuring acclaimed actors like Mamata Shankar and Swastika Mukherjee, pays homage to Indian film legends. Guided by Sharmila Tagore, his creative journey is truly inspiring. With an enduring passion sparked by childhood encounters with film projectors, Abhijit ardently pursues mastery in every filmmaking facet. Honored as the Icon of North Bengal and acknowledged by Sikkim’s governor, his influence echoes. Through versatility, wit, and meticulous attention, he weaves compelling narratives, standing as a revered creative force.

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