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“Beauty Lies in The Eyes of the Beholder.” Skin color or any other physical or external factors can never define the true beauty of a person. It is one’s inner beauty, compassion, empathy, ability to love and help others unconditionally that define the true beauty of a person.

In Keeping with the same thought, Star Jalsha is all set to come up with a brand-new show named, “Anuraager Chowaa” on 7th Feb. It is a story of two people falling in love- a love that is not skin-deep, but unconditional and real. Love that connects two souls through a journey that conquers all stereotypes that have defined beauty and marriage so far.

Anuraager Chowaa, the iconic love story in making, will showcase Surjyo and Deepa, falling in love deeply having discovered each other’s real beauty – their strength of character. The eternal bond that they share is truly based on their pure love, which proves that they are made for each other.

In this love drama, Deepa is an ordinary girl with a heart of gold and Surjyo is a doctor who has dedicated himself to serving the poor people in need. Surjyo falls in love with Deepa for her soulful and caring nature.

The way Surjyo is fascinated with Deepa’s warm-hearted behavior will she be able to win over others through her caring nature, will others appreciate her the way Surjyo has acknowledged Deepa. What will happen when they cross paths?

The audience will get to see Once again Dibyajyoti Dutta as the male protagonist and Swastika Ghosh as the female lead.

Speaking on this occasion, the channel spokesperson said,” We are overwhelmed to present such an inspirational story for our audience. Deepa represents and celebrates the ordinary Bengali girl and we are sure that her journey along with Surjyo will inspire Bengal to break many age-old stereotypes that exist in the areas of love and marriage.”

Watch Anuraager Chowaa from 7th Jan onwards Mon – Fri 9:30 PM only on Star Jalsha and Star Jalsha HD.

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