Women’s empowerment through income generation by Bengal Caterer’s Club is our focus says social entrepreneur Robin Ghosh

 ✍️By Special Correspondent

Noted economist and social entrepreneur Robin Ghosh has set the Bengal Caterer’s Club (BCC) a digital market place in an effort to organize and structure the catering industry and also provide a revenue generation format with special emphasis on the women entrepreneurs in the food business. He said Bengal offered a huge opportunity for the informal workforce in the catering segment that needed to be given an opportunity to directly interact with the customers. It is a win-win situation for both the caterers and customers through an organized bidding process. He felt that lack of standardization, quality control results in a big market like catering in getting it a formal industry tag despite the large number of workforce involved.

Ghosh further added that industry has to step forward and be proactive to get the industry status and follow standard laid down rules and regulations. He said BCC shall give an opportunity and also take the industry forward from being a seasonal business to a yearlong business and create a surplus from income through reasonably priced ‘Easy Meals’ across various cities and towns of Bengal and it shall provide marketing and branding support through the portal at a nominal fee.

Answering a question on home kitchens/cloud kitchens, Robin Ghosh said it is a very positive development and especially because women workforce were important behind these formats. Income generation through which guaranteeing their empowerment and the most important dimension of Bengal Caterer’s Club in the long run.

He announced a package of training programs including workshops on Bengali sweets and the platform shall help caterers find quality stuff such as rice, cooking oil help caterers get the best of quality and price and other ingredients.

Bengal Caterer’s Club aims to give the customers the safeguard of quality vendors those who are looking for and also the best of price and choice. The process of registration was quite simple.

Robin Ghosh concluded the webinar by announcing that an APP is being developed with the entire gamut of services in a dashboard format and hopes to touch a figure of 1000 caterers in one year.

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